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yoga love

I recently created a space to practice yoga in my home.  Each week, I have a wonderful yoga teacher, Daria, who comes to me for a class which is inspiring and invigorating.  There is always an enormous sense of calm which washes over me in anticipation of practicing yoga.  I have found that I immediately […]


Yoga has taught me many things. I began practicing Yoga again after taking a break. I am amazed that in such a short time, the benefits are so incredible. I walk nearly every morning and I strength train at least twice a week. The gift of movement has opened up my heart for more kindness […]


Relax. It’s friday. Take time to pause. Find a quiet space. Light a candle. Sit. Meditate. Concentrate on your breath. Slow down. Relax. Be good to yourself. Take a class. Yoga. Tai Chi. Stretch. Rest. Give thanks. Honor your creativity. Celebrate. Relax.