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Doing well

I decided to give myself a gift this year.  The gift of really honoring my wellness and working with a Holistic Guide and Lifestyle Coach. Here is the beautiful and radiant Daphne of Doing Well.  Daphne offers one on one coaching as well as corporate coaching.  This was by far one of the best gifts […]

gotta meditate

This week has been a full week of activities and “gotta gotta’s.” Gotta do this, gotta do that, gotta get this, gotta get there. I am taking time out each morning, to meditate. I have learned that carving out this time every day to sit, to find the calm, to let all the things I […]

Wellness Fair

Today is the day for our WELLNESS FAIR at Ardsley High School. We are so pumped to share a day devoted to fun activities, to cultivate awareness for healthy choices. There are many demands on all of us between the screen time and then the not so good choices that tempt us each day. Take […]

the best of the bunch

                              I was raised one of seven and while I did not grow up on a farm, both my Mother and Father built a business based on “the best of the bunch.” They inspired and gathered bunches of good things, imparting […]

monday motivation – wellness week

                                      Welcome Monday. This week the focus is wellness and the Wellness event at our local High School will be happening April 9th. I would love to motivate each of you to take a wellness pledge. All […]