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Trick or Treat

Do you ever stop to empty the inside of your tote, bag or briefcase?  It is truly amazing when we stop and carefully remove each item, that we assess what we need to keep or toss or perhaps embrace as a lost toy.  Remembering back to Halloween as a child and returning home to dump […]

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Wishing each of you a day full of treats.  My candy bowl is full of treats and ready for the trick-or-treaters tonight.  I always love seeing the costumes.  Please be safe and remind your own trick-or-treaters to be mindful and courteous.  Kindness begins at home and the holidays should be full of fun […]

Halloween chic

It’s almost here and I bet many of you are still trying to carve out time for creating your Halloween Chic. If that is the case, then keep reading for some clever and simple ideas. Just rounding up all the orange and black you posses and then styling it to give a bit of hallowed […]


Today is the day when trick-or-treaters will come round, knocking on your door. If you are not home, do you leave a sign and hope the honor system of “take one” works. Do you leave your lights on or lights out if you are not home? Happy Halloween to everyone.

Halloween Etiquette

Halloween is full of tricks and treats and very often as a parent we need to lay a set of ground rules or etiquette reminders to our off spring.  Do you have Halloween Etiquette where you live or protocol?