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Memorial Day signs

Signs of Memorial day are popping up.  Buntings are hung in the neighborhood and flags are flying!  Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend and I will return June 1st.  The Winner of the India Hicks Insider, is Karolyn of The Relished Roost.  Kindly let me know which color you would like and it will […]

Invaluable Summer

How does one put a value on Summer? It is a short window of time that one honors time away and also allows for hunting and gathering fresh ideas to inspire ones life. Your interests may lie in bringing some sort of souvenir home or delight in finding an object that might remind you of […]


August BUTTERCUP nodded and said good-by, Clover and daisy went off together, But the fragrant water-lilies lie Yet moored in the golden August weather. The swallows chatter about their flight, The cricket chirps like a rare good fellow, The asters twinkle in clusters bright, While the corn grows ripe and the apples mellow. Inspired by […]

Summertime slow down

Summertime offers us each an opportunity to slow down, but how many of us actually allow this to happen is the real question. Do you take advantage of slowing down? Perhaps my illustration might inspire you to take the time to pause. I call it “Hammock time” and the time we allow to swing and […]

Golden Summer

It’s been a Golden Summer. Last week, my daughter joined me at Kitchawan Farm for a morning of pastoral pleasures, painting on a farm. The sights, the scents and the overall morning made me wishing I had a farm of my own. I cannot imagine the work that it must take to run a farm. […]

American Lobster

Every time I have lobster, I cannot help but think of my late Father-in-law who adored Lobster, American Lobster to be exact. When he would visit the United States, he loved having lobster and fresh corn on the cob. You see in France, they do not eat corn and the lobster is much smaller. I […]

Summer lobster

                          A Summer Lobster dinner. I ask you, is there anything better than a steamed lobster with corn and butter other than – maybe this painting. It sure is making me crave a Lobster dinner. Painting by Colin Page.

smooth sailing

Just making a quick stop here today to thank-you for letting me take a break from the blog and enjoy time with my family and friends. One son left for Ft.Knox Boot camp training and the other son is now working at his Summer Internship at a nearby Engineering Firm. In many ways, it feels […]

window of opportunity

Summer has begun. School is done. Now, is a time for freer routines and time to connect with family and friends. Windows of opportunity are now. The next few weeks, I will be focusing on a few things in my life and enjoying a break from the blog. I feel the summer is so short […]

monday motivation – watermelon

 It’s officially Summer and watermelons to me just say summer and provide inspiration to motivate me.                       Besides making me feel like a kid, they are refreshing and require no utensils.  They truly are nature’s popsicle.