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Sunday rest

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday.  Take time to rest a little longer today.  Rest is restorative and great for one’s health.  Think about your bedroom and what would create a more restful space.  You might even want to record the number of hours you are sleeping.  Jot down on a sticky or little note by […]

restful weekend

Wishing each of you a restful weekend.  Take time to recharge.  This is an illustration I did for Lisa M. Henderson, a very talented interior designer.  This glamorous master bedroom has all the right details for a deep sleep.  Is your bedroom in need of some love?  How is your mattress?  Do your sheets need freshening […]


It has not been an easy time for me as of late, since the loss of my Father. All the stories shared of my Dad do help to provide comfort. One thing my Father loved was a good nap. He would rise early in the morning for work and never seemed to have a problem […]


Relax. It’s friday. Take time to pause. Find a quiet space. Light a candle. Sit. Meditate. Concentrate on your breath. Slow down. Relax. Be good to yourself. Take a class. Yoga. Tai Chi. Stretch. Rest. Give thanks. Honor your creativity. Celebrate. Relax.