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In the Studio

I am so happy to be back in the Studio after a wonderful trip and feeling very inspired and focused. My husband and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary and had a wonderful time at Miraval Spa in Arizona.  There were so many activities and classes to choose from along with an incredible staff and magnificent […]

A New York state of mind

It’s been a week full of emotions and a time to remember New York’s Nine-Eleven.  Between that and Hurricane Irma and Harvey, I know that each of us is feeling vulnerable.  It is incredible to see the outpouring of support and kindness during these tragedies be they caused by Mother Nature or Man kind.  We […]

September starts

Today is a day of fresh starts for many.  Back-to-schoolers hop on the bus ready with excitement to begin a brand new school year.  I can still smell the new shoes my Mother bought me.  They were Mary-Jane’s with buckles and I just loved them.  September is symbolic of starts and new beginnings.  Take a […]

monday blossoms

We may not have blossoms here yet as this morning we have snow on the ground. But, soon we will have blossoms to look forward to. What are you looking forward to this week?

monday luck

I titled this post “Monday Luck” and am feeling extra special today. I was able to package up a few orders and get them sent off along with averting a plumbing issue. A friend told me that is good luck. It’s my birthday on St. Patrick’s day and I have every intention of focusing on […]

with a bow

I love ribbons and bows. My box full of ribbons, consists of satin, grosgrain, velvet and more. Ribbons make me happy and it is my hope that they make others happy too. A package or a ponytail deserves a pretty bow.


So excited to pick up these cards from my printer this morning and to share them with each of you. Many of you know me as “PvE” for my design and artwork and then some of you may have noticed that I have added another business which is India Hicks. I love creating artwork and […]

hello September

Hello September. You always make me feel like curling up in my most comfy chair with a good book and a pen and paper to write down my goals. It is a time for back-to-school and for renewal, and so symbolic of a brand new year. The Dutch always have a little calendar hung in […]


I created this illustration a few years ago but had a little fun with it, trying to put it all together in one “sailorly” print. This past weekend, our son JP graduated from Union College and I am so very proud of him. It feels like yesterday, when we dropped him off for his freshman […]

The Enchanted Home

I am off to the framer now, to have this artwork framed for Tina. I am so pleased with the way this work turned out. It is a gift to dear Tina who opened her home last Autumn to host a wonderful luncheon. As snow covers the ground and we all anxiously await Springtime, I […]