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Good tools

  Good tools can be just the thing one needs to start something new.  What is your favorite tool?  I would love to know.  Leave a comment.  This applies to everyone, artists, chefs, comediennes, waiters, Doctors, writers and so on.  What is the one tool you cannot live without?

Fa la la, La Barranca

It’s fun to keep things local and create artwork for people that I have never met and buildings that I also have never met but are near my neighborhood. I illustrated “La Barranca” for a lovely local lady who is smitten with where she resides. She has a melting pot of cultures and religious interests […]

O Christmas Tree

Today, “The Tree” at Rock Center in New York City will be lit and it’s a day that no one dares drive in to the city for fear of major traffic and masses of people waiting for the switch to be turned on. While the holidays are about much more than “The Tree” – I […]


It’s sure is beginning to look “Christmassy” and this recent shop that I illustrated is so festive. From the little old fashioned radio flyer (that my brother nearly lost his pinky from) to the magnolia garland, everything about it makes my heart feel two sizes larger. I must admit that I had a blast working […]


I love celebrations and today is my dear husbands birthday. This is an illustration done for Sheridan Road Magazine April issue, a mad men inspired cocktail party. Cheers to my love who inspires me to look for the joy in life and to keep celebrating. I raise my glass to you. Chin chin. Join me […]

holiday giving

T’is the season for giving and very often just a simple gift can say so much. Fill a mason jar with cocoa, marshmallows, a pretty spoon and tie it with a pretty ribbon. It’s not too late to think creatively and warm someone’s heart or mug.