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Journal your way

Last March, I gave myself a gift which was to really look carefully at my own self care.  I cannot remember how Daphne came to me but let’s just blame it on the proverbial rabbit hole of which I fell into.  Daphne of Doing Well provided me with accountability and a daily plan to achieve […]

Summertime slow down

Summertime offers us each an opportunity to slow down, but how many of us actually allow this to happen is the real question. Do you take advantage of slowing down? Perhaps my illustration might inspire you to take the time to pause. I call it “Hammock time” and the time we allow to swing and […]

monday blossoms

We may not have blossoms here yet as this morning we have snow on the ground. But, soon we will have blossoms to look forward to. What are you looking forward to this week?

acts of kindness

Part of what makes me happy is passing along random acts of kindness. I always find out that we are all in some way connected to one another. I am sending this illustration today to a lovely lady who has assured me that she will pass on some kindness. Sure, I do what I do […]

Give me Park Avenue

Darling, give me Park Avenue – bursting with tulips, pansies and blossoms! Created this fun sketch for a dear lady over at The Fund for Park Avenue, and up early to re-work and add some pansies back in to the mix. I don’t know about you but I am longing for Spring and sunshine along […]

The Enchanted Home

I am off to the framer now, to have this artwork framed for Tina. I am so pleased with the way this work turned out. It is a gift to dear Tina who opened her home last Autumn to host a wonderful luncheon. As snow covers the ground and we all anxiously await Springtime, I […]

sound of music

        Imagine being 15 and traveling with your High School Select Chorus group to travel to sing in Vienna, Prague and Salzburg.  Yes, today my daughter will be off for a magical trip. These incredible sketches by Andre Voyy capture these cities so perfectly, I spotted them on etsy.  The Students will […]

Winter events

The artwork I created was for a SIP & SHOP for J.McLaughlin that was used for a Winter in house store event and part of the proceeds went to benefit a local Humane Society. The Northeast is preparing for a Winter Storm and all I can think about are the animals outside who might not […]


I cannot say that I blame the bears, it truly seems they have the right idea to just hibernate until it’s springtime! Inspired by pretty linens and my goal to create a “30 minute sketch a day” is keeping me motivated. Speaking of hibernate, what are you doing to stay warm?

shop talk

Another J.McLaughlin store is about to open in Tampa, Florida. I love this illustration so much and would love to be there on opening day to shop and talk to all the sales people and the clients. It’s always fun to do the artwork and then see it live. There a few shops nearby that […]