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My Mother gave me her cast iron skillet which I adore.  She made the best fried chicken in that skillet and knew how much I adored that skillet.  I feel like she is with me when I use it. It happens to be a permanent fixture atop my stove as if it were on display.  […]

September starts

Today is a day of fresh starts for many.  Back-to-schoolers hop on the bus ready with excitement to begin a brand new school year.  I can still smell the new shoes my Mother bought me.  They were Mary-Jane’s with buckles and I just loved them.  September is symbolic of starts and new beginnings.  Take a […]

Be the lighthouse

June is such a wonderful month to go to the sea, spend time on, in or near the ocean and look at lighthouses.  A dear friend once told me that we need to be more like a lighthouse.  It is so true to shine your light and to attract the ships, to lure into your […]

Talents and gifts

What talents and gifts do you possess?  Do you share any gifts with those around you or perhaps pass talent on to family members?  My son drew this when he was a little boy.  I think it was about 4th or 5th grade.  I adore it and could see it as wallpaper in a boys […]

Good tools

  Good tools can be just the thing one needs to start something new.  What is your favorite tool?  I would love to know.  Leave a comment.  This applies to everyone, artists, chefs, comediennes, waiters, Doctors, writers and so on.  What is the one tool you cannot live without?

hello September

Hello September. You always make me feel like curling up in my most comfy chair with a good book and a pen and paper to write down my goals. It is a time for back-to-school and for renewal, and so symbolic of a brand new year. The Dutch always have a little calendar hung in […]

Palm Beach

Illustrated this shop last week for J.McLaughlin’s Palm Beach store. When I am in the midst of working, I begin by lightly penciling in the basic shapes and the perspective lines. Once I am satisfied with that I then use micron pen, erase the pencil and then watercolor. I love my set of Pelikan watercolors. […]

wild side

Been a little wild weather wise over here so I thought I would focus on my wild side and create some fun patterns. I had so much fun creating this 30 minute watercolor. It’s a little looser than the norm but that is the wild thing about working to beat the clock. Now, all I […]


On Sunday, after Saturday’s first storm of this new year, I spotted a lovely image on the Instagram account of Mary Irene who’s ig and blog, “My Digital Life” -I have been following for some time. She is a greater NYC neighbor and we have many things in common. Love of our family, our homes […]