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Sunday rest

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday.  Take time to rest a little longer today.  Rest is restorative and great for one’s health.  Think about your bedroom and what would create a more restful space.  You might even want to record the number of hours you are sleeping.  Jot down on a sticky or little note by […]

day of the sun

Whew, what a Sunday this was! Today, we hosted our daughter’s soccer team for a pot-luck social and everything was wonderful. We sat outside in the glorious sunshine and everyone who was able to attend really had such a nice time. The girls looked so much more grown up in clothing as we mostly see […]

monday motivation – choose happy

                              It’s monday and time for a little happy motivation. Choose a color that makes you happy and inspires you. It might be a sweater, a scarf or a favorite fragrance that makes you smile. Start your day with a fresh […]