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Be my Valentine

Hello February.  Yes, it is that time to profess your love and share it by showering the one you love with flowers, candies or perhaps you have something else already in mind.  Perfume, a spa day or maybe tickets to the theatre.  Take time to share love.  Simple tulips wrapped in a fun paper say […]

Daisy May

Meet Daisy May. I am working on a series of happy paintings because there was some serious good news yesterday that deserves an outpouring of love and happy paint. My brother got some good news regarding a health test. I must admit, we were all pretty scared. So, each day is a gift and to […]

pretty pansies

I have been painting pretty pansies because those seem to be the only real flower that is showing it’s true sweet colors. We have been having a cold Spring and today is a grey Monday so painting these bright cheery little pansies has truly given me a reason to always find the good. Cake Journal […]

monday blossoms

We may not have blossoms here yet as this morning we have snow on the ground. But, soon we will have blossoms to look forward to. What are you looking forward to this week?

Happy daffodils

Wishing each of you a Happy Easter or Passover holiday. I painted these happy daffodils on the flight home from California to New York, yesterday. It was so wonderful to feel the sunshine and sand and see such happy smiling faces and flowers along our travels. I am unpacking and organizing my to do lists. […]

friday flowers

It’s no secret that I love flowers and adore green.                       I thought it would be fun to gather some ideas for June bouquets.                   My bridesmaids wore navy blue and carried a garland white with greenery. […]

happy thoughts

The other day, a new friend came over for lunch and gave me these lovely daffodils. She told me that she had attended a class where flowers were placed in the center and when any sort of negative thought entered, you were to look at the flowers and focus on happy thoughts. I placed the […]

monday motivation – primrose path

Last friday, a friend popped by for tea and brought me a lovely pink primrose. It made me think how one can be motivated by the pursuit of pleasure. A small living blossom, a cup of tea, a visit and exchanging pleasantries surely are a heavenly way to end a week or to start a […]

monday motivation – cut specimens

I was invited to attend the Lawrence Garden Club event last weekend out on Long Island and it was wonderful.  My dear friend was in charge of the decor and the tables had cut specimens displayed in cleaned Perrier bottles.  It was simply stunning.  I am working on a series of illustrations that I will […]