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Bonjour Paris

  Bonjour Paris. It’s always a good idea to say “Hello” in every language but especially in French.  There’s so much to love.  The Fashion, the food and the everyday elegance that each Parisian lives with.  A friend returned from Paris and said, “My posture is better and I am dressing like I truly care.”  […]


Growing up, my family and friends always remarked that I had such “talent” and I never truly saw it as a gift, but it is such a gift. Not a day goes by that I do not feel incredibly lucky to create art every day for so many wonderful clients. Clients come to me from […]

cat’s meow

 I seriously could not help myself after “Have some Decorum” posted on Giovanni Battaglia who is one cool cat in the fashion jungle.  How chic is she donning this fit and flare coat and adorable bag.  I love her smile and how excited and happy she looks. Now that I have been following the Paleo […]