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to market

    Farmer’s Markets are open and ready to share the abundance of fresh produce.  One market bag I love is from KR Saddleshop.  You can find it here. Having a go to Market-Bag is a wonderful thing.  Stock up on fresh produce in your own market tote. KR Saddleshop is a company devoted to […]

farmer’s market

A trip to the local farmer’s market is always inspiring to me. Gathering up local goodies to bring home really does make me realize how much I love Summer. Fresh tomatoes, fresh berries, fresh corn and sunflowers too are the epitome of Summer’s bounty. What’s your favorite thing to bring home from the market?

Wellness Fair

Today is the day for our WELLNESS FAIR at Ardsley High School. We are so pumped to share a day devoted to fun activities, to cultivate awareness for healthy choices. There are many demands on all of us between the screen time and then the not so good choices that tempt us each day. Take […]