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When was the last time you believed in yourself? Last week, I shared with you the word – “Imagine” and this week, my word is “Believe.” I count myself extraordinarily lucky to have been blessed with many individuals in my life who have believed in me and encouraged me along the way. I count those […]


Imagine is one of my words for the year.  In order to imagine, we must first visualize.  Perhaps you have a vivid imagination or know someone around you who is gifted in telling stories or even perhaps able to see the future but really all one needs is to gather some images together or write […]

this little light

Have you taken time out to really enjoy the lights of the holidays? Every year they amaze me and inspire me in many ways. All the twinkly bright lights make me feel like a child. Only two years ago, I remember my Father asking me to take him on a drive to see the holiday […]

lemony side of life

Welcome a brand new year and time to re-focus on the lemony side of life.  This new year, I am forging ahead and no matter what is given to me, I shall make something bright and happy.  I created this artwork which was used as a gift tag for a dear friend who was busy […]

every energy

Lately, I find myself incredibly sensitive to everything and everyone around me. Everyone seems either too overwhelmed or unhappy and just too openly emotionally. I find that my every energy is easily drained by other’s inability to commit or to respond with a simple answer. I have been told that “I’m too sensitive” and I […]