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Autumn Equinox

Today marks the first day of Fall and also the Autumn Equinox.¬† It is a time of inward reflection and also for sharing one’s love as we look forward to many fun celebrations in the coming months. Take a moment today to bid Summer adieu and Greet Fall with something special.¬† It’s always fun to […]

Autumn monogram motivation

Autumn wreathes and monograms can be very motivating. I will be adding 4 Circular monogram designs to my etsy shop which are prints and then I simply add your monogram or letter in the middle. Imagine this wreath at your Thanksgiving Table. Each guest could be given their custom monogram or a personalized message could […]

Autumn in New York

Welcome Autumn. I love Autumn in New York. I came to New York many years ago as a student and it was the Autumn in New York that made my heart beat a little faster. Today is the first day of October. I really love all of the seasons, but love Autumn for the rich […]

road trip

                                    My husband and I took a little road trip up to the Catskills. It is indeed a place near and dear to our heart. It’s not glamourous, nor is it pretentious, but it is indeed a spot […]

monday motivation – Autumn comfort

Although we are still having some warm days, the evenings bring a little chill and my kitchen and cooking are motivated by Autumn comforts. Soups, bone broths and the color orange all seem to be what I crave at this time. Last week, I had a call from a local charity to donate items that […]

leave it alone

One area most women that I know struggle with is knowing when to leave it alone or to let go of always trying to be in control of a situation. All the leaves seem to serve as a reminder to me. There they sit covering the earth waiting to be gathered. Meals to cook, laundry […]

table of grace

Supper should be special. A time to gather round a table. Sit. Relax. Enjoy good food and lively conversation. A white tablecloth. A bare wood table. A collection of using what you have simply set for a table of grace. Set your table. Invite friends to share a supper of grace round your table. Embrace […]

end of September

It is indeed the end of September and we are about the turn the corner into the month of October, I find beauty in the light and all that surrounds me. Glorious mums and roses, white pumpkins and cooler mornings. ¬†Although this week, we are having Indian Summer temperatures during the day. Are you ready […]