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Talents and gifts

What talents and gifts do you possess?  Do you share any gifts with those around you or perhaps pass talent on to family members?  My son drew this when he was a little boy.  I think it was about 4th or 5th grade.  I adore it and could see it as wallpaper in a boys […]

Artful friends

One of the best things about being an artist is making friends with other artists and being there for one another.  If you don’t already know my fabulous friend Jeanne, well you should!  Here is the link to her site.  I lost track of how many paintings Jeanne has created but she has been on […]

Summertime slow down

Summertime offers us each an opportunity to slow down, but how many of us actually allow this to happen is the real question. Do you take advantage of slowing down? Perhaps my illustration might inspire you to take the time to pause. I call it “Hammock time” and the time we allow to swing and […]

creative courage

An artist must be open to the muse. The greater the artist, the more he is open to “cosmic currents.” He has to behave as he does. If he has “the courage to be an artist,” he is committed to behave as the mood possesses him. . . . The price an artist pays for […]

Garden of Eden

Let me take you to the garden of Eden. We became friends just a few days ago and share our love of paint and spreading joy with our art. The one thing that I love the most about sharing as artists here on social media is that we help spread positive energy with our love […]

I Just Came to Say Hello!

Hi! My name is Vidhya, and I’m a senior at Ardsley High School! Before I graduate (and move to the University of Pittsburgh in the fall) in a couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure of doing my senior externship with Patricia of PvE Design. Working for Patricia for the past few weeks has […]

life in sketch

Happy to share a “life in sketch” today with each of you. I am a contributor there and share the Artist Spotlight each month. This month, the spotlight is on my dear friend Jeanne McKay Hartmann at I dream of. Jeanne has shown her dedication to sharing her daily sketches on instagram and her her […]

show time

Well, it’s nearly “show time” for the River Arts studio tour and I am feeling so energized and excited about welcoming visitors to my studio to share my passion for creating an artful life. Last month, I attended a fantastic workshop in London given by Author, Speaker and Creative Catalyst, Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist on […]

River Arts Studio Tour

  The Annual River Arts Studio Tour will be April 25th and 26th and I invite each of you to pop in and be my guest. This is an image from a few years ago where I had lots of tissue paper flowers hung in my studio window. I love looking back and then looking […]

artful memories

                      Did you ever stop to think while you are making memories that some of them might be captured artfully? Sure, we all are busy with our devices, snapping photos with gusto but what about art as a place holder for something you hold near […]