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Give love

I must be totally honest, that often before I start a project or feel the stress of a deadline, the only thing that works for me is to focus on the love.  Does that ever happen to you?  All of the sudden, you start to connect with your heart and it opens up and makes […]

Spring sweetness

I shared these cupcakes that I spotted on Cake Journal yesterday and decided to paint them. Hope you are having a sweet Spring so far. Don’t forget to make time for doing what you love that makes your life sweeter. What is the one thing you have been craving? I have some new books to […]

Marvelous Monday – Good Company print giveaway

Let’s make it a marvelous Monday. Why not treat yourself to some fresh flowers and create a magnificent tablescape. If not for yourself, then perhaps for a friend. Yesterday, I returned home from a wonderful week away, sharing good company, great meals and skiing some challenging terrain. I came back with a bit of a […]

be mine

One of my most favorite holidays of the year is Valentine’s Day. It is all about love and professing your love. Some say it with simple sugary candy hearts while others might not have just the right words. Today, I am sharing a box of hearts that I illustrated for J.McLaughlin and wishing each of […]

wrapped up in….

Are you all wrapped up in holiday projects? I must admit that I have a long list of things to wrap and to do. On this last day of November, I wish each of you positive energy getting things under wraps. Have you stocked up on paper, ribbon and trimmings to wrap your holiday gifts?


If you host holiday gatherings, then you are fully aware of all the preparation that it takes to make it all happen. The lists, the recipes, the shopping, cooking, planning and all can feel herculean but at the time of the actual gathering, it seems to go to fast. It’s over before you know it. […]


Meet Charlie. He made me stop and reminded me to play in the daisies! Do you take time to stop, sit a minute and admire all the goodness around you? Well, take it from Charlie, go outside, take a walk, play and enjoy your day!

full of life

When one feels energy, they feel full of life. That vitality changes the way one sees about everything and it flows to open up and radiate such excitement. This is a painting inspired by a print on the J.McLaughlin line. J.McLaughlin has been a long standing client and they just launched a brand new site. […]

Derby week

I survived my Open Studio tour and ended feeling so thankful and thrilled to welcome visitors. One thing ends and then another thing begins and I am convinced that planning and preparing are what keep us motivated. Many Kentuckians are getting out the silver mint julep cups, gathering fresh mint and creating tasty menus to […]


This custom monogram began with a few simple words from my client such as “love leopard or lilacs” and magically, pomp and circumstance produced this lovely leopard heraldic crest with her fine initials. I just had a ball creating this one and it shows. Do you think these leopards need a royal crown? I would […]