Insider give away

I seriously love this Insider bag from India Hicks and personally own it in every color.  It is more than an insider but also works as a clutch.  I love things that are as versatile as they are practical.  Sometimes all you really need can be pared down to just the essentials.  Keys, a phone, a lip balm, a tube of hand cream and maybe a little notebook for notes and doodles.

Love being a Brand Ambassador for India Hicks and having so many wonderfully made products at my fingertips to share.  Today, I am honored to give one Insider away.  Leave a comment of what keeps you coming back to my blog.  If it is your first time here, I am an Entrepreneur, Artist, Mom, Wife, Sister, training to be a Pilates Instructor and I love being a “go-to” gal for sourcing all of the best things which can be a recipe, a how to, or just a shoulder to lean on.  Sometimes we all need friends on the inside.  What color Insider would you choose.  The item will be shipped directly to you.  Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Wednesday morning.

Sunday shopping

Sunday is often a day of rest but I love shopping for plants to fill pots and scatter about in our garden.  The above store is Paul’s Fruit Market located in Louisville, KY.  My Father “Paul” founded the business in 1945.  It sure seems crazy that there were not a lot of grocery stores back then as many people canned foods from their gardens for the Winter months, had root cellars for storing potatoes, onions and other items.  Fruit was a treat and I grew up learning so much about a variety of produce and fresh flowers and herbs.  Although I don’t live in Kentucky, I still shop local markets for fresh produce and try to buy organic whenever possible.

What is on your Sunday list?  Enjoy your day.

yoga love

I recently created a space to practice yoga in my home.  Each week, I have a wonderful yoga teacher, Daria, who comes to me for a class which is inspiring and invigorating.  There is always an enormous sense of calm which washes over me in anticipation of practicing yoga.  I have found that I immediately slow down and feel whole.  Do you practice yoga or meditate?  I am so fortunate to have Daria share her love for yoga with me.  You will love her site, Daria loves yoga.

Connecting to the energy of the sun always slows me down and not only feels warm and lovely but reenergizes me.  Do you take time to connect to nature and the sun?  Try incorporating a little time for some yoga love.

things you love

I still get so excited when I walk into this little shop in Hastings-on-Hudson.  Maisonette opened in 2012 or thereabouts and I created this illustration for Maria which hangs in her shop. It is brimming with things I love and want.  Maria, the shoppe keeper has a slogan, “Surround yourself with the things you love.”  She stands by this rule, hard and fast and always says, there are no rules as long as it brings you joy.  I have to admit that every item I have from maisonette brings me joy.  Do you have a hard and fast rule for living with love?  Maybe there is something you are living with that needs more love.  Pass on items that are draining you and replace them in time with the one’s that bring you joy.

Talents and gifts

What talents and gifts do you possess?  Do you share any gifts with those around you or perhaps pass talent on to family members?  My son drew this when he was a little boy.  I think it was about 4th or 5th grade.  I adore it and could see it as wallpaper in a boys room.  The trees are wonderful all clumped together.  When he was a little boy, he loved building with lego’s huge forts that would cover an entire floor or his bedroom much like a grid of an urban city or busy town.  He would build amazing towers with the Kapla swiss blocks which we still have.

Currently, this son is working as a full time Electrical Engineer assessing plans for projects in New York City.  As his Mother, I always remind him of his talents and gifts.  Do you share any passions with the ones you love?

Mother’s Day

Carnations are the flower to be for Mother’s Day.  I do love carnations and how frilly they are.  They look beautiful alone in a simple bottle or en masse in a squatty vase.

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day today.

Doing well

I decided to give myself a gift this year.  The gift of really honoring my wellness and working with a Holistic Guide and Lifestyle Coach.

Here is the beautiful and radiant Daphne of Doing Well.  Daphne offers one on one coaching as well as corporate coaching.  This was by far one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. Daphne will offer her services to you with daily support and weekly skype sessions.  Trust me, when I tell you, Daphne left me wanting more and more because of the many positive results of her prescribed practice.  Any type of program should always be shared with your general practitioner before beginning as every human’s health is unique.

Because of Daphne, I was inspired to purchase a Juicer.  Although she never forces any certain brand or product, I found this one from Hurom and love it.  I chose the personal series because I want to make my juice as fresh as possible and I don’t need huge quantities since I am drinking it immediately once I juice it.

I also purchased the jar to store any juice in from Hurom.  Daphne offers a sustainable practice that is life changing.  During my eight week program, I became ill and was grateful that Daphne was there for me.  I knew my symptoms immediately.  I have been hospitalized several times for Diverticulitis and trust me, I have no desire to be in any hospital being poked, prodded and given any sort of drug.  When I became ill, I immediately trusted my body and gave it the rest it needed.  I drank clear liquids and bone broth and rested.  I was not afraid as I knew the pain would subside.

If you are thinking of giving yourself a re-boot or changing up the way you look at food and or any cravings, Daphne is your go to gal, for sure.  She is an abundant source and I know that she will very soon be a coveted one for all things relating to wellness as it relates to our current lifestyles and desire for doing well.  I call it doing great.

Flowers for Mom

This week, don’t forget to bring your Mom or your special surrogate Mom some fresh flowers for Mother’s Day.

It’s not too late to order note cards or notebooks  from my etsy shop.  I can ship them overnight to you.

An Iris

I always think of my Mother when I see an Iris.  She loved them and they really epitomized her.  She lived colorfully and loved life.  I painted this one yesterday.  I let loose with the water and felt the energy of my Mom and her encouraging words to just paint what makes you happy.

First weekend in May


I was born in Kentucky and there are some things that every Kentuckian learns young.  The first Saturday is in fact “The Kentucky Derby.”   This is what is called “Derby Week” and lots of activities and celebrations lead up to the big day.  What do you do on Derby Day?  Do you make a fresh batch of mint juleps?  Do you wear a fancy hat?  Do you go to the Kentucky Derby or do you attend a local party or just watch it in the comfort of your own home?  It is quite a special day.  Happy Derby Week.