I love when I meet a new friend and then see that they are a creative soul sharing their passions and designs. Aren’t these bracelets beautiful? I thought they were worth sharing. Blues have been calling my name this month and I seem to be drawn to sacred treasures too. Have a gander over here at Rania Dabagh.  Happy Friday.

Chinoiserie blue

I painted this design as a wreath and my printer printed it on lovely watercolor stock. Then I hand paint a monogram on the inside for clients. Afterwards, it can be printed on notes, hostess tags or notebooks. Personal touches make such a difference and I know many clients keep coming back for this. I love offering this service.

pve freebie

If you have been reading my blog or following me on facebook or instagram – I just want to say thanks with a “freebie!” I am so excited about these beautiful notes that I created, individually wrapped and hand tied with pretty satin ribbons. Packaging is my weakness and years ago, before I launched this site and business, I gave serious thought to opening a brick and mortar shop but after much careful consideration, chose to open an etsy shop which I adore. If you have the desire to launch something you create, try etsy! It’s easy to navigate and you can choose your hours and how much you want to list. Even if you are thinking of it as a side business, it’s wonderful. My etsy business has grown over time.

Hop over to my etsy shop, the link is on my site. I would love to know if you want something other than what I have listed? Many friends and clients have asked me for a calendar so I will be working on that for next year. I will be limiting the number of custom orders because quite honestly it’s a challenge creatively for me. I need more time to play and to create my own art and coming to this realization has been healthy for me.

On this note, happy to give a freebie away today. All you have to do is leave me a comment here or on my insta. Follow me if you are so inclined. I get that everyone is maxed out on time and there are only so many hours in the day but I am thankful for your visits, your comments and your kindness.

Pretty things

I must admit, pretty things find me. They call me from afar, and whisper things like, over here, look at me. I spotted this lovely chair and was inspired to capture it in a painting. I am packaging up notes this week to list in my etsy shop.
Hope your weekend is full of pretty things that make you stop and stare.

Smile more

Smile More Smile More
My youngest (17) asked me what was my New Year’s Resolution? I had to think for a minute but I blurted out, “To Smile more!” One of the most common threads of comments that I receive about my artwork is how it makes others smile. So I will focus my energies on that, to Smile More! I wish each of you a wonderful New Year and a Happy New Year. Whatever your resolutions are, just try to share a smile, it costs you nothing but gives so much to others.

Holiday Cheers

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holidays! Thank-you for all of your kind words throughout the year which mean so much to me. I will be taking a little holiday break to prepare for the Holidays and to recharge my intentions to continue to share and inspire an artful life.

Count your lucky stars

It is Monday and we all need to take a little time to count our lucky stars. It truly is life changing. Yesterday, we heard from our son in Army Ranger School and he is a “Go” to Graduate from Army Ranger School Friday. We are so excited to see him and be there for his Company and meet others who have been on this journey from afar providing support to one another while our Rangers are out of contact.

In the midst of filling holiday artwork orders and maintaining time for holiday self care, I wanted to also take time to Thank-you for stopping in. Taking time to read my blog for inspiration or to connect with me. It truly means so much. With the holiday shopping under way, think of the people on your list that might need an extra something. In addition to creating art, I have also been an Ambassador for India Hicks. The woman is truly inspiring and has made me feel very special as well as the many other ambassadors that are building their business while raising families and more. As the saying goes, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. Love the products for giving, so take a look and you might be interested in something or in joining my team as a fellow tribe member. Shop here India Hicks or contact me via my site if you have any questions.

Again, I count my lucky stars for you. Pass it on. Smile, say hello, get involved and light up someone’s day!

Holiday check list

T’is the season of checking our lists and doing our best to balance the Holiday 2016 demands of giving and celebrating. A simple check list works and I thought I would share a few tips on creating an artful calendar and list.
1. Use your favorite calendar to write down obligations and appointments.
2. Try using red, green, gold and silver pens to write your lists! Make it fun and happy.
3. Pace yourself by using sticky notes or index cards to carry with you.
4. Use “notes” on your phone and you can update it accordingly
5. Reach out to one person who might need your help during this holiday season.
Find the time to embrace the present moment and gift of each day.
Don’t forget to make time for you for necessary appointments that will provide you with energy and a holiday glow.

Happy Thanksgiving

I created this Happy Thanksgiving Day Parade illustration after hearing some good news last week. It is amazing how good news can raise one’s happiness frequency. Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope your holiday week is full of goodness all around. What will you be doing on Thanksgiving? Are you hosting or bringing something to a host?

For the love of blue


The color blue is just such a beautiful color.  I created this watercolor for a client based on a print they provided.  While I was painting it, I truly got lost in time and space which is such a wonderful feeling.  Do you ever get lost in something and think about love?  Happy Sunday to each of you.  I hope this week brings you love.