Good Girl

I must admit that I have only had “boy” dogs in my life but every now and then I am asked to illustrate “good girls!”  Meet Lucy.  Is she not the sweetest thing ever.  I really loved working on this commission.  Look at her sweet face and that darling pink bone name tag and pink collar.  Wishing each of you a good day and great weekend.  As always, Thanks for popping in.

August air

August air is different.  We are all feeling that Summer is winding down and many of us are preparing for a new year of school or sending off spring back to school or in my case to University.  How can my baby be heading to College, already?  Last week, we enjoyed a few days together and I asked my daughter if there was one thing she thought I should do when she was gone to College, she said, “Paint bigger!”  I hugged her and said, I will paint bigger. As things will change for many, we can always challenge ourselves to change and be bigger than we were. Perhaps the New Lunar Moon is also a sign for new and bigger things.  Hope your August is good to you.

happy paints

I am often asked what kind or brand of watercolors I use, and the above boxed set of Pelikan watercolors are one of my absolute favorites.  They box up like a double-decker bus and the colors are bright, velvety and truly transparent or opaque depending on the amount of water you use.  This is not a sponsored post, it is a post from the heart of an artist who loves to paint.

Summer time

Summer time, Summer time.  I hope that each of you are having a great Summer and taking some time off or at least some down time by the pool, the ocean or near a body of water.  Thanks so much for taking time to pop in, to leave a comment.

hello hydrangeas

Have you noticed all the hydrangea’s in bloom?  I just love seeing them on my walks or jaunts around my town.  The blue colors are always so impressive.  Do you have any tips or tricks on how to keep them alive indoors after you clip them?

Beautiful Summer Blues

June is such a beautiful month, full of many colors but one color that stands out for me in June are all the shades of blue.  This was a quick watercolor but I wanted to share it with you today.  We just had a huge rainstorm and water was pouring down like crazy.  It has been a bit humid the past few days so I am in hopes that all the rain will cool things down a bit and mean that the next few days will be dry for Graduation.  Yes, my daughter is graduating from High School.  The colors of her school are Blue and Yellow.  I wish all the graduates much happiness and future success.

Be the lighthouse

June is such a wonderful month to go to the sea, spend time on, in or near the ocean and look at lighthouses.  A dear friend once told me that we need to be more like a lighthouse.  It is so true to shine your light and to attract the ships, to lure into your life, what you desire.  It is summer and we all deserve to take time to identify ways we can show our light.  Take a class, learn something new, help a friend without asking, do something nice for a random stranger.  Smile, shine and get creative.

June love

June is all about love.  Weddings, graduations, proms and so many fun things to celebrate!  Do you have any fun things to celebrate this month?  My daughter’s prom is this week.  Happy June!

Memorial Day signs

Signs of Memorial day are popping up.  Buntings are hung in the neighborhood and flags are flying!  Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend and I will return June 1st.  The Winner of the India Hicks Insider, is Karolyn of The Relished Roost.  Kindly let me know which color you would like and it will be mailed to you in June.  I clipped the names, put them inside a straw boater and my daughter selected the winner.  Thanks to everyone for popping in to leave a comment and I wish each of you a magnificent Memorial Day.

Insider give away

I seriously love this Insider bag from India Hicks and personally own it in every color.  It is more than an insider but also works as a clutch.  I love things that are as versatile as they are practical.  Sometimes all you really need can be pared down to just the essentials.  Keys, a phone, a lip balm, a tube of hand cream and maybe a little notebook for notes and doodles.

Love being a Brand Ambassador for India Hicks and having so many wonderfully made products at my fingertips to share.  Today, I am honored to give one Insider away.  Leave a comment of what keeps you coming back to my blog.  If it is your first time here, I am an Entrepreneur, Artist, Mom, Wife, Sister, training to be a Pilates Instructor and I love being a “go-to” gal for sourcing all of the best things which can be a recipe, a how to, or just a shoulder to lean on.  Sometimes we all need friends on the inside.  What color Insider would you choose.  The item will be shipped directly to you.  Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Wednesday morning.