Holiday check list

T’is the season of checking our lists and doing our best to balance the Holiday 2016 demands of giving and celebrating. A simple check list works and I thought I would share a few tips on creating an artful calendar and list.
1. Use your favorite calendar to write down obligations and appointments.
2. Try using red, green, gold and silver pens to write your lists! Make it fun and happy.
3. Pace yourself by using sticky notes or index cards to carry with you.
4. Use “notes” on your phone and you can update it accordingly
5. Reach out to one person who might need your help during this holiday season.
Find the time to embrace the present moment and gift of each day.
Don’t forget to make time for you for necessary appointments that will provide you with energy and a holiday glow.

Happy Thanksgiving

I created this Happy Thanksgiving Day Parade illustration after hearing some good news last week. It is amazing how good news can raise one’s happiness frequency. Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope your holiday week is full of goodness all around. What will you be doing on Thanksgiving? Are you hosting or bringing something to a host?

For the love of blue


The color blue is just such a beautiful color.  I created this watercolor for a client based on a print they provided.  While I was painting it, I truly got lost in time and space which is such a wonderful feeling.  Do you ever get lost in something and think about love?  Happy Sunday to each of you.  I hope this week brings you love.

Hello November

Well Hello November! November is here and it is indeed a time to give thanks. Take a moment out of your day, give thanks or better yet, thank yourself. As this month moves forward, try to take a daily walk, stop along your walk and feel the air, the warm sunshine or the raindrops. November is such a beautiful month, so please enjoy it. Smile for all the gratitude that lies within and around you.

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween!  Wishing each of you a day full of treats.  My candy bowl is full of treats and ready for the trick-or-treaters tonight.  I always love seeing the costumes.  Please be safe and remind your own trick-or-treaters to be mindful and courteous.  Kindness begins at home and the holidays should be full of fun and good memories.

Pumpkin picking


I love going pumpkin picking although I have to admit that I have not had a chance to go this year.  Choosing a pumpkin is a rather personal thing, don’t you agree?  Have you picked your pumpkin and do you carve your pumpkin?


Maybe a basket of gourds and pumpkins is more your thing?  Whatever you decide, embrace the season and all the bounty of Autumn.

Signs – Ramsign giveaway


Signs.  Signs say so much.  Signs tell us where to go, what to do, to stop and to identify a place.  Without signs we would be lost.  Lately, I have been getting some incredible signs from the Universe and this one from Ramsign is one that I need to share as Ramsign is giving away a sign to one of you today!  Leave a comment below as to what sign you would choose?  Hop on over to Ramsign right now and see a wonderful site full of signs that take me away to far away places.  Thank-you Ramsign for this wonderful sign!  Happy October the 14th!

Cozy Fogo Island


We were so delighted to be whisked away for a weekend at the amazing Fogo Island Inn.  You are probably wondering, where is Fogo Island?  Well it is one of the four corners of the Earth and quite the trek to get there but the cozy touches and the incredible people of the Island make you feel right at home and apart of something whole.  The morning trug of coffee or tea, a hand made treat and partridgeberry jam is delivered to your door.  Hand made quilts adorn each and every room.  Wood burning fireplaces are ready to be lit upon request by hand and hand made furniture painted in a rainbow of colors certainly gives one the feeling of a simpler time.   A time where one honors one’s neighbors and celebrates the little things and all things made by hand.


Returning home to America, I suddenly crave a simpler life filled with arts and crafts and vistas that are not only breathtaking but good for the soul.  Where have you traveled that felt far away but close to your heart?

Autumn tailgates


The first time I attended an Autumn tailgate, I truly thought I had gone to heaven.  Some are pre-game to get the festivities in gear and some are after or during an event.  The set ups can be lavish or rather creative using plaid blankets, old leather luggage or baskets to carry all the goodies.  Mugs and piping hot cider, trays of cheeses and fresh fruit.  Mulled wine or an Autumn Sangria in a carafe or pitcher and styled with sunflowers, pumpkins and a dog or two can be the perfect Autumn welcome to a Homecoming game.

What is your favorite thing to bring to a tailgate?

Artful friends


One of the best things about being an artist is making friends with other artists and being there for one another.  If you don’t already know my fabulous friend Jeanne, well you should!  Here is the link to her site.  I lost track of how many paintings Jeanne has created but she has been on point daily to keep her brushes in the paint and truly her works embody the dreamier side of life.


Lots of pretty pink flowers, zesty lemons, fresh figs and an occasional glass of bubbly certainly inspire a kinder and gentler life.  The best part of sharing Jeanne’s art is having the chance to become friends through our blogs.  Our first meet-up was over a yummy gruyere grilled cheese in Manhattan and at the time Jeanne was still holding down a full time job with the dreams and desires to pursue her painting career full throttle and on her own terms.  It takes work to follow one’s dreams, and to witness a heart flourish and find time to create an artful life, well – it’s just wonderful!

Jeanne and I had a fantastic trip to London where we attended a Workshop for creatives which was wonderful.  We shared smiles, laughter and even a few tears but the best by far was sharing paint and our journey as artists.

Today, over 20 original works of Jeanne’s art is available at the hip and happening Furbish Studio at 11.  The holidays are coming and what a gift to give art, perhaps you might want to treat yourself or a friend.  I feel incredibly blessed to have Jeanne in my life.  I wish Jeanne and Furbish a wonderful collaboration.