cat scan

Yesterday, I had a test to take. No silly, not the kind of test that required any studying nor a costume, but one that did require me to drink up some not so good tasting banana flavored liquid barium. In the past week, I have had three tests and now must wait for the results. To tell you that I am not scaredy cat, well, I would be lying. Normally, I am a very private person and prefer to keep it that way but this post is a reminder to those of you that need to schedule those pesky check-ups and annual physicals.

I have been focusing lots of time and energy on giving myself some much needed attention.  I think as Mom’s, many of us can relate to putting all our energies on our kids, our homes and our families.  Well, stop.  Take time to focus on your health, get out, exercise, eat right and take time to look in the mirror and get yourself in shape.  Do it for you or for Gotham City.  Whatever, do it.  This includes Dad’s and you men who are reading.

Get to your local track, walk.  Take a class, join a gym or form a group to get healthy. Start to introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables where you can, organic if you can find it and afford it.  Drink water, stay hydrated.  Breathe.  I keep telling myself, to keep cool and carry on.

you may be wandering

PvE Design -Travel517When Sandy invited me to be her guest over at “You may be wandering” – I got so excited at the thought of her trip to Asia that I immediately replied, “Yes.”
So hop on over here and leave Sandy a comment while she is wandering afar. I know she will come back with so much to inspire our desire to book a trip with Sandy. How fun for Sandy to travel for pleasure and then to also advise others who are looking to wander. Sandy is an amazing source for travel.

monday motivation – simple systems


Happy Monday to each of you.  Mondays seem to come faster and faster on the heals of the weekends which lately seem to be jam packed with lots to do.  So, on monday, I gather my calendar, my lists and begin to tackle the day with these simple systems from Red Star Ink.  Have a look over at Red Star Ink and tell me what would you order to motivate you today to create a simple system?  A “honey do” list is always a simple way of sharing lists with your honey.

Hope your monday is off to a super start.

the great pumpkin

My Father used such great terms of endearment, words like “pumpkin” – “sugar” – “honey” – and at this time of year, I am reminded how utterly charming and whimsical nature becomes. The tendrils do create such beauty as they seem to be grasping for our attention. Rather than think scary thoughts, I am thinking magical thoughts of pumpkins as stage-coaches and Autumn as a time of gathering up love in it’s endearing ways. Try calling someone you love “pumpkin” and see how they react.
Is everything around you all things pumpkin? Bring a little spice to your weekend or better yet, a great pumpkin.

cabbage galore

Have you noticed all the cabbages around you this season. They seem to be everywhere I go and this one I spotted last week on a rainy morning while running errands. I have also been using lots of cabbage in my kitchen, braised red cabbage, sauerkraut and cole slaws. Did you know that cabbage has lots of great nutrients, vitamin K, Vitamin C along with dietary fibers.

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking about art with Karolyn of The Relished Roost and we both aspire to paint more freely and sometimes just taking an object and blowing it up is just the thing to get one started.

Pardon me if my postings are spotty at best, I have been having a few follow up medical tests done and they seem to take so much of my time and focus that I find myself rather bogged down with staying on top of my health. May this serve as a gentle reminder to each of you to follow up with your annual check-ups, and all the necessary appointments that really are so important.

fall foliage

pve - circle leaf photoOne morning, on my walk with my dog, I collected fallen leaves and artfully arranged them in a circle or wreath if you will.
leaf parade -photoInspired by the rainbow of colors and the beauty of nature fills my world with such awe.
autumn leaf photo
What is circling around you right now and inspiring you to live in the present?

paper snob

Many ask what is my go to paper for painting? I use a lot of smooth Bristol Board but love Arches Aquarelle paper 140 lb. cold press. It comes on a block or you can purchase single sheets. I love the watermark on the corner and the deckled edge. Do you have a favorite paper?


PvE Design -botanical516Last Spring, I had the pleasure of meeting Fran of Green Street Blog and her little girl E in a lovely park where I played as a child in Kentucky. We quickly discovered from our blogs that we shared many interests and one was a love for nature and bringing that indoors. Fran had posted her lovely entryway in her home as she slowly has been transforming her home with her soft touch.  She created a lovely mood board and I decided to create this botanical illustration for her in hopes that she might hang it in her foyer. I love knowing that my art finds it’s way back home to Kentucky where I was born and raised.
I often imagine myself living in the 17th Century and “botanizing” by studying and illustrating nature. I shall be adding this print to my etsy shop this week. It is printed on the loveliest watercolor paper. Let me know what sort of prints you might like to come home to?

fall treats





Fall is a time when treats come to mind. I am not talking candy either. Over the years, I have learned that one deserves to treat oneself to something special as a reward for reaching a goal or for accomplishing a task well done. It might be a new accessory, a watch, a bracelet, a pair of new jeans or those over the top boots that would be life changing.

Is there something that you have been looking to splurge on? Treat yourself to something you have accomplished or achieved. It might be something at your local thrift shop or something you have been longing for.  It might even be something as simple as a cup of tea with a friend or a long walk.

Take time out for a fall treat.


crayonfreckles_mast bb783704b5470ee96784f124b6e77d31
Today serves as a reminder that we must never lost sight of creating new discoveries and taking time for explorations. I miss those days when my little one’s would proudly pull out some handmade surprise from their back pack which correlated to learning lessons about a holiday or someone who made history.

Wishing each of you a Happy Columbus Day. Take time to explore and make new discoveries.