Western Wednesday

All roads seem to be leading me to Go West!  My daughter and I just returned from L.A. as she will be heading to College in August.  I mentioned to her, my favorite pair of cowboy boots that I wore until they were all loved out and worn beyond repair.  So, these fun Cowboy boots seemed appropriate for today, on “Western Wednesday” – don’t you just love the color and the embroidery?  I thought about how boots can be fun for holding flowers too!  You can find lots of great cowboy boots over here.

to market



Market Bag

Farmer’s Markets are open and ready to share the abundance of fresh produce.  One market bag I love is from KR Saddleshop.  You can find it here. Having a go to Market-Bag is a wonderful thing.  Stock up on fresh produce in your own market tote.

KR Saddleshop is a company devoted to sustainability and growth.  They sell saddles, home decor and turf.  A company with a legacy, rich in land and sustainability.  Pop over to KR Saddleshop and tell me what catches your eye.  Next time I am in Texas, I am stopping in and you can bet I will be carrying my KR Saddleshop market-bag.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  Wishing everyone near and far a day full of love and renewed faith.  I have such fond memories of Easter, a new dress and matching coat.  A basket full of chocolate bunnies, eggs and jellybeans.  Enjoy your day!

Spring inside

While we have a rainy day today and not much Spring to speak of is showing up in the garden, there are ways to bring “Spring inside!”  I have so admired a dear instagram friend who recently went back to work as a Real Estate Agent on Bainbridge Island.  She writes a blog that is just as charming as she is and I love her positive attitude that shines forth in each and every post.  Hop on over here to meet my friend Suzanne Miller.  Her home exudes warmth and love.  I was so honored to create the logo for Suzanne for her website and marketing material.  My son will be moving to Washington State and I already have plans to meet Suzanne in person.  I know she will sell me on Bainbridge Island and all her charming ways too.


Yesterday, we had a sort of “Spring in the air” kind of day and it felt as if every blossom was saying, finally!  Soon, the daffodils will be showing off for us and I can hardly wait.

Sunday rest

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday.  Take time to rest a little longer today.  Rest is restorative and great for one’s health.  Think about your bedroom and what would create a more restful space.  You might even want to record the number of hours you are sleeping.  Jot down on a sticky or little note by your bedside table and try to log in a few more hours today.  Take a nap, even fifteen minutes can be a game changer.  I created this illustrations for Spaces KS Magazine, “The Happy Houseguest.”  Be my guest and treat your own “chambre” to some new pretties to make you feel special.  What do you love the most about rest and is there one thing you can share that you cannot live without?  A pillow?  A special teddy, an eye mask or a favorite bedtime story?  I would love to know.

Let me help you


“Opportunities are like sunrises.  If you wait too long, you miss them.”  One of my favorite quotes from William Arthur Ward.   Such truth.  Opportunities truly are abundant and the time is now if you are thinking of starting a business or just want to unleash your creativity.  I would love to work with you.  I provide a service to guide you to realize your full potential.  Everyday, I hear so many people wanting more out of life and the desire to do what they truly love.  You may be ready and I would love to take you to the next level or help you get started to develop and launch your entrepreneurial spirit into the Universe.

I will discover and uncover the best in you.  I will give you tools and a system tailored to meet your needs.  Is there something tugging at you, an idea or a passion that you could see yourself waking up to and feeling excited to build a life and perhaps a business around, well if you said yes, then please let me help you achieve the best possible you.  I provide a service to individuals who need mentoring in an inspiring way.  I offer three packages catered to each client.

Your imagination will soar and so will your self confidence to take the leap into a wonderful journey of creative discovery.

What are you waiting for?  Contact me.  Reach out when you are ready and I will be waiting for you.  I would truly love to help you.  My goal is to see you soar and to live an artful life.  You don’t need to know how to draw a straight line.  All you need is the desire to create something for you.  Are you ready?

give without measure

“Give without measure” is a wonderful motto for living a life full of gratitude.  Think about it.  When we give without measure, we live with a generous heart.  What have you given lately?  What cause do you give to or when was the last time you gave to a friend or even a stranger with nothing expected in return.  Promise me to live a life of giving.  We can be the change we want in this world.


Good tools


Good tools can be just the thing one needs to start something new.  What is your favorite tool?  I would love to know.  Leave a comment.  This applies to everyone, artists, chefs, comediennes, waiters, Doctors, writers and so on.  What is the one tool you cannot live without?

your lucky day

Do you ever wake up and say “Today is my lucky day!”  Well, guess what?  “Today is your lucky day!”  Focus on the luck today, after all it is St.Patrick’s day and a day full of lucky shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold and plenty of green wearing people celebrating.  Go ahead, find the luck – it is all around us!