give without measure

“Give without measure” is a wonderful motto for living a life full of gratitude.  Think about it.  When we give without measure, we live with a generous heart.  What have you given lately?  What cause do you give to or when was the last time you gave to a friend or even a stranger with nothing expected in return.  Promise me to live a life of giving.  We can be the change we want in this world.


Good tools


Good tools can be just the thing one needs to start something new.  What is your favorite tool?  I would love to know.  Leave a comment.  This applies to everyone, artists, chefs, comediennes, waiters, Doctors, writers and so on.  What is the one tool you cannot live without?

your lucky day

Do you ever wake up and say “Today is my lucky day!”  Well, guess what?  “Today is your lucky day!”  Focus on the luck today, after all it is St.Patrick’s day and a day full of lucky shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold and plenty of green wearing people celebrating.  Go ahead, find the luck – it is all around us!

happy lemons

We survived the blizzard and while there are big piles of snow everywhere, a bowl full of happy lemons can take me away to a sunny and warm spot.  The trio of lemon notes are available in my etsy shop.  (8 individually hand wrapped notes, packed and tied with a sunny lemon satin ribbon)  Click on shop and click on etsy to make a purchase.  Take time to read this and the amazing benefits of lemons over here.  Fill up a pretty glass pitcher of water and add fresh slices of lemon and squeezed lemon juice.  Wishing everyone a happy day!

going places

Going places?  Does the word travel excite or stress you out?  Everyone can agree that packing can be stressful.  On our last trip, we looked like a traveling circus and brought way more than we needed.  So upon our return, I did a bit of research and ordered these amazing travel buddies to put the joy in packing.  How clever to have a dedicated place for everything.  Socks, undies, tops, bottoms, and then the sack on the bottom os for your dirty laundry.  You pack and arrive at your destination, hang in a second and you are done.  Order yours from Joyus.  This is not a sponsored post.  I share products that I use and that work.

restful weekend

Wishing each of you a restful weekend.  Take time to recharge.  This is an illustration I did for Lisa M. Henderson, a very talented interior designer.  This glamorous master bedroom has all the right details for a deep sleep.  Is your bedroom in need of some love?  How is your mattress?  Do your sheets need freshening up?  What about your pillows?  Start there and then add good lighting for reading in bed and personalize your room to suit your own style.  Would your room be full of wallpaper, curtains, a sitting area, artwork, antiques or would your room be more minimal?  What provides a restful weekend for you?

sweet sleep

Truly, is there anything better than getting a good nights sleep.  Let’s face it, a really good mattress is the game changer.  I bought my son the Casper Mattress when he was in college.  Now he is on his own living in New York City.  Yesterday, he sent me a text that he needed some design help with the decor.  While the above image is not intended for his room, I went about gathering images and a few tips for you when setting up a bedroom for sweet sleep.  Granted, at his age, he’s out late and up early for work, but nonetheless it is still incredibly important to feather a room for sweet sleep.

Invest in linens and a throw.  White bedding is always my choice.  I love the selection at Casper.  Not only do they make mattresses but great sheets and pillows too.

Make a priority list for your bedroom.  Firstly, a really good investment is a bed frame. Secondly, a pair of night stands and lamps.  A rug sets the stage and shades with blackout linings are a must for deep sleep.

A color palette of black and white is easy to achieve and looks effortless and sophisticated.

Black walls really are elegant.  A gallery of framed personalized artwork dress things up and good lamps are investments that stand the test of time.

Monogrammed linens make wonderful gifts.  Start with one pillow sham and simply add to your bedding trousseau over time.  A bedside table tells a story so gather books, a small vase of fresh flowers and a framed photo of someone you love.  Even if you might suffer from insomnia, counting sheep should all add up to a sweet spot to get 4o winks.  Tell me, what makes your bedroom sweeter?


Be mine

I have always been a firm believer that if one asks, one will eventually get. So for Valentine’s Day, I am asking for fresh watercolor paper to be mine. Wishing each of you a very happy friday full of good things. What are you asking for?

Be my Valentine

Hello February.  Yes, it is that time to profess your love and share it by showering the one you love with flowers, candies or perhaps you have something else already in mind.  Perfume, a spa day or maybe tickets to the theatre.  Take time to share love.  Simple tulips wrapped in a fun paper say so much.  How will you show your Valentine your love?  Do you have a gift in mind?

Tiny’s NYC

Tiny’s NYC
I have been working on a series of New York City Scenes. Tiny’s in New York City is located in Tribeca New York. Prints are listed in my etsy shop.