hello September

PvE - Buddy803
Hello September. You always make me feel like curling up in my most comfy chair with a good book and a pen and paper to write down my goals. It is a time for back-to-school and for renewal, and so symbolic of a brand new year. PvE - sept.804
The Dutch always have a little calendar hung in the W.C (Water Closet or Powder room) and have birthdays listed. I always thought this was rather clever. I created this one for you to list your birthdays for September or anything else you intend to celebrate.
So take a moment to sit down for a few seconds today, on this first day of September and to say hello to someone you love today.

be the change
















Did you ever notice how one little change can be the change that makes it all add up? Well, many of you are watching and I know you see that I have added a change to my life. I joined the India Hicks family as a Style Ambassador. I traveled to Durham, NC two weekends ago for the India Hicks Great Get Together. Firstly, I really never thought I would make it there but I did. I went. I met so many wonderful people and came home feeling totally energized.
India Hicks and PvE796

I did not hesitate to join India Hicks and meeting her in person confirmed that she truly is all about inspiring change and motivating others to be the change. As the new school year begins, let each of us take action to make a difference in someone’s day, someone’s life. It might be sharing kindness or just listening. I am hosting an India Hicks “Elevenses” in a few weeks and would love to share with each of you how just hosting a few women you admire can be the start of something extraordinary. Sign on and I will be giving you not only an extraordinary experience, but an opportunity that will certainly create new meaning to your life. The first one to sign on, I will be giving you this fun Coin purse as a symbol of change, loose change. Did I mention, India is very witty, so you will also be adding humor to your life. I am brushing up on my arm wrestling skills and motivated to make it to Miami in January which seems like a good idea since the forecast calls for a brutal Winter. Here is my India Hicks site which you also get your very own replicated site when you join along with a back office and a support team.

Villa Cyrnos

PvE-Villa Cyrnos 2015751
The Villa Crynos is located in Roquebrun-Cap Martin in the South of France and these illustrations were created for a custom invitation for a bon voyage party in honor of The Princess Grace Foundation devoted to promote artist, dancers and performers.  The timing for this request was incredibly tight and I had a ton going on but I channeled the strength of women, like Princess Grace, and Empress Eugenie for whom this Villa was built.  Next time you have a goal to reach, think of a strong woman as your mentor and muse.

PvE-Villa C. 2015755
PvE-Villa C. 2015754

PvE-Villa Cyrnos-EE 2015771

National Dog Day

PvE- Charlie639
Did you know that today is National Dog Day? Well, yes it is and it’s all about honoring our dogs and promoting adoption.
pve design-2013-Billie350
So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite dogs that I have illustrated over the years.
Dogs after all are “man’s best friends!”
Tell me, do you have a dog that you are honoring today and celebrating National Dog Day?

Extraordinary women

I am back from Durham, NC where I traveled to preview the India Hicks Fall 2015 line staying at the newly opened 21C Museum Hotel. It was wonderful to connect and to collaborate with others who are creating lives that are truly extraordinary by sharing stories of our passions for our families, our careers and our communities. Meeting India was inspiring. She is real, honest and incredibly funny and hard working. India chose to design a business to share directly and how lucky am I to share it with each of you.

As an artist, much of my work is done in my studio alone therefore when the opportunity to become a Style Ambassador for India was presented to me, I knew it was the right fit. It’s wonderful to create a business on your own terms and to connect with others who also building this from the ground floor up.

I invite you to join me, become a member of the India Hicks tribe. I have the line of products and would be delighted to welcome you to host a get together. Gathering friends, sharing time, re-connecting while building a business has unlimited possibilities. You might just surprise yourself at how something so easy can elevate and inspire you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. You might be looking for an opportunity to create on your own time, to fit into your life. I would be happy to support you in this journey and to hear your extraordinary story too.  Currently I am a style ambassador and working towards being a Director for India Hicks.

Palm Beach

PvE-JmcL-Palm Beach, FL786
Illustrated this shop last week for J.McLaughlin’s Palm Beach store. When I am in the midst of working, I begin by lightly penciling in the basic shapes and the perspective lines. Once I am satisfied with that I then use micron pen, erase the pencil and then watercolor. I love my set of Pelikan watercolors. Many people ask me how long it takes to do a sketch. I always love telling them, it all depends on how many I tear up before I finally feel that the one I finish is the one I like best. In the end, I have to love it.

Garden of Eden

Let me take you to the garden of Eden. We became friends just a few days ago and share our love of paint and spreading joy with our art.
The one thing that I love the most about sharing as artists here on social media is that we help spread positive energy with our love of art and creating our own paradise.
Please pop over to say hello to Eden. Eden is on instagram and I know you will just love her messages and her colorful creative energy. She is also an Art Therapist. How wonderful that she is helping others with her art to feel good. Meet Eden W. Flora. Eden just launched her site and I wish her all the best spreading joy with her talents.

Straw hats

PvE-Hats. 2015787
I love Straw Boaters and how they just give such an elegant touch to all who wear them. This was a quick sketch for my friend Jeanne who unfortunately left Nantucket without purchasing a hat on the Island from a swell mad hatter. There’s always next time and maybe leaving something behind gives one more reason to return. Do you love Summer Hats? Thank-you T&C Mag for sharing my art on Instagram.

Golden Summer

It’s been a Golden Summer. Last week, my daughter joined me at Kitchawan Farm for a morning of pastoral pleasures, painting on a farm. The sights, the scents and the overall morning made me wishing I had a farm of my own. I cannot imagine the work that it must take to run a farm. Today is my daughter’s 16th birthday and we are celebrating this evening.
Hope each of you are enjoying moments that are golden. Happy Summer to each of you.

feeling blue

PvE-S.Chango 2015759
Not gonna lie, I am feeling blue over here this morning.

We hosted my niece for a week and it was so much fun getting to know her and to spend time with her. She reminded me of me at that age. My daughter and her cousin had fun together but it was also a lot of together. Sometimes, it’s hard to be together and we all need our spaces to land, to retreat and re-charge. So, when I spotted (fell in love) with the interior spaces created by Susanna Chango, I knew I had to quickly capture it in a rendering this morning.

Currently, I am in the midst of trying to take a break from deadlines but have one last project to pull out of my head and onto paper, but seriously, I just want to retreat to this landing and look out that window and daydream.