Summer lobster















A Summer Lobster dinner. I ask you, is there anything better than a steamed lobster with corn and butter other than – maybe this painting.

It sure is making me crave a Lobster dinner. Painting by Colin Page.


reprise_of_fairys_tears tearsLately, I seem to be leaking tears everywhere I go and cry and the smallest thing. I think grief affects each of us in ways we never imagine. After taking my daughter to her annual physical in her fifteenth year of life, I cried thinking of all the time, all the years of Doctor visits and the growth from infancy to where she is now.
When my sons were babies, my Father came to New York for their baptism and I caught him in the rocker holding them in the nursery and he was crying. I wanted to know what was wrong and he said, “Honey, enjoy these beautiful babies because it goes fast.” Then before I turned around, they were turning five and I felt the desire to be with them more than all the time I was spending at work. Again the words of my Father come to mind, “The greatest reward, in life is to be a parent” – you will never regret your decision to spend more time being their Mom. He also told me, “It was the hardest job ever.”

So, the tears flow and I keep reminding myself that they are perfectly normal as they wash away the dust and clear my vision to keep going. After a good cry or a good rain, everything does seem clearer.

oh she glows (book give-away)

91X36fxqi1LOh yes she does, she glows inside and out and do you know why? Well, it’s true, you are what you eat. If you have ever had a junk food binge and then noticed how you felt and how your complexion suffered, did I hear a yes and see you shake your head?
A1SyTrrvolLLoving these gorgeous healthy creations and recipes found over at “oh she glows
51a1zBtk2dLI have ordered this book for myself and one to give to a lucky reader.















Angela is a beauty and also about to welcome a little newborn bundle into her world. No wonder she is glowing!
Leave a comment and let me know what makes you glow?


Thank-you for the flowers, the notes and the outpouring of love that has been received over the past few weeks. The one message which I would like to share with each of you is to “treasure” everything around you. If you are in need of a little inspiration or creative encouragement, try to create a little corner with some fresh flowers, books and time to treasure everything and everyone you love.

One of our twin sons left last Saturday for his senior year of college. My husband and I were mindful of his departure and the fact that he seemed so nonchalant about packing up his car. We were both worried that he might forget something so we kept asking him if he had everything. The very next morning, he sent me a text that he had forgotten two id’s that he had left in the scanner. Part of me wanted to get upset or angry at him as to why he could not be more organized, the other part of me knew that sending them was what I had to do and did. I reminded myself to focus on what I treasure.

There is always so much to do the end of August preparing to send twins back to college and prepare another child for high school. I feel the door of Summer closing and the window of opportunity opening with the start of a new Fall season. The ending of Summer and then the beginning of Fall. Night seems to be coming earlier with darkness falling around eight o’clock. Mourning the loss of a loved one, a season, a treasure to remember and to find comfort with family, friends, books and flowers that things will keep one moving ahead.

Thank-you to Leslie of Hadley Court for her kind post and for sharing my artwork with her readers. I treasure each of you for your support and the outpouring of love for my artwork.

The winner of the Anne Ward, Garden of Intention cards is “Lee.” I know you will treasure them and the positive messages that each card inspires.

monday motivation – garden of intention (give-away from Anne Ward)


Motivated and inspired by the paintings of artist Anne Ward. Anne has offered to share a gift of one box of


Garden of Intention cards to one lucky reader.


18 Intention cards and a sweet little stand to align and inspire your day.  Gentle reminders are always motivational.photo_3 (1)











It has not been an easy time for me as of late, since the loss of my Father. All the stories shared of my Dad do help to provide comfort. One thing my Father loved was a good nap. He would rise early in the morning for work and never seemed to have a problem catching a few minutes to rest. A nap can be so rejuvenating. I prefer to think of his passing as a long nap of eternal rest.

Pardon me if I am slow to post. A dear friend told me that things like this require us to take it slow, and that often our bodies, our hearts and our minds need extra rest. Thank-you to each of you for the cards, the notes, the flowers and kind thoughts. This painting by Solora says it all, a summer time siesta in the grass can inspire each of us.

Summertime sadness


My Father passed away last week and memories of my Father, Dad and “Grandpa” are filling my mind and my heart. He was 87, and had an excellent life but it is still so sad to say good-bye.  There really never is a good time and one is never prepared.

“Summertime sadness” keeps playing in my head.  We hold fast to the memories and stories shared of his life.  My Father loved seersucker and wore it often.  He always had a “handkerchief” in his pocket and a straw hat or cap on his head.  Caps made of seersucker or black-watch tartan plaid.

Thank-you to each of you for your cards, e-mails, flowers and kindness during this time of sadness.  My family and I were down in Louisville, Kentucky to attend the visitation, services and family gatherings were teary eyed tender moments.  It’s hard to let go of the one’s you love.  His 97 year old best friend was the first visitor which will always be a fond memory of a sad time.  Hold fast to those you love.


live your dreams


Are you living your dream life?















Dreams need plans. Plans take work. If it involves something you want then you have to work for it, little by little.  Turn your cans and your dreams into a plan.  Trust me, it works.

Well yesterday, the nicest words were said over at J.McLaughlin that made me feel like all my cans and dreams have come true.


root & bone


Dear Friends of ours recently opened up this little gem in Alphabet City, New York called “Root & Bone” and it is the place to be and garnering lots of attention and clients from far and near.


Fried chicken and waffles, what’s not to love.


Chef’s Janine Booth from Australia and Floridian, Jeff McCinnis  are the super stars of Root and Bone, creating artful nourishment.


Soul nurturing, conscientiously sourced, farm-fresh ingredients.

A craftsman’s ethic coupled with artistic culinary thought.

A tribute to the timeless recipes and traditions of a rural America and the warm embrace of its hospitality.

Every village needs a spot like this, with good roots and bones.

monday motivation – skincare







This was a photo taken to send to a few New York Modeling agencies back in the 80′s.  I never went that route because I always loved creating art and felt a little bored on the fashion shoots comparing myself to other models.  They all seemed taller, thinner, and as much as everyone around me told me I should model, I just did not feel that was my passion.  However, good skin care has always been one of my passions.

Sure, lots has changed with my own skin,  but I have always been blessed with good genes and a commitment to taking care of my skin.  Over the years, I have tried a plethora of products. Several months ago, I ordered the Soothe line of products from Rodan + Fields and currently and considering signing up to sell this fabulous line. There is nothing like customer endorsement, right?  I can see my skin has calmed down, red blotches have faded and the tone of my skin has an overall soothed feeling in general. What I love most is that there’s only four steps and each product has a large number which makes it easy to use.  Four simple steps and an eye cream make it so easy to use.SORG001










Of course, staying hydrated is important along with sunscreen, a good hat and sunglasses when I step outside. I am all for a little vitamin D but just not a fan of that aged leather look unless it is a really good satchel or tote.

I will be working with a photographer soon to get some new profile shots as I am now in my fifties and I want to share with each of you that you can make a difference in your self by improving your skin care. Talk to me, what skin care products do you use and are they working for you?  Would you ever imagine that good skin care could change your life?