love and kindness

The other day, while on location at a client’s office, I noticed a sign that was about the culture of kindness. I had to stop and read it and it made me think that kindness can go such a long way. Stop. Take a moment to think about someone you love that needs a little kindness. A bunch of sunflowers and a hug. It’s that simple. Pass on love and kindness today.


Growing up, my family and friends always remarked that I had such “talent” and I never truly saw it as a gift, but it is such a gift. Not a day goes by that I do not feel incredibly lucky to create art every day for so many wonderful clients.
Clients come to me from near and far for which I am grateful. In March, I began creating illustrations for Meredith from The Grove and there were many e-mails and phone calls communicating her vision and a collaboration of words, sketches, images and finished artwork.
Visit The Grove WP on line for a wonderful array of goodies to give. There is quite the curated selection of products that are quintessential Summer all year long. Tell Meredith, PvE sent you. I cannot wait to shop on line at The Grove WP.

mix and match

Mix and match seems to be very in vogue now. Have you seen what I am referring to? Bikini tops paired with shorts that are cut from another cloth. Nothing matches or seems to go together, which is refreshing but I wonder if this is a trend or here to stay. Love your thoughts on the mix and match suits? I might wear it at home but not sure about going out on the town? Is it only for teens?

American Lobster

Every time I have lobster, I cannot help but think of my late Father-in-law who adored Lobster, American Lobster to be exact. When he would visit the United States, he loved having lobster and fresh corn on the cob. You see in France, they do not eat corn and the lobster is much smaller. I also think Summer is a time to enjoy dining on Lobster and corn. There is something so fun about getting to wear a bib while eating lobster.

Play with paint

When my niece Amby who lives in Colorado posted this image on facebook, I just knew I had to share it. She has three children, all small and reminds me so much of my late Mom and her Grandma who would love to play with paint. Do you take time to allow for a little fun? I hope this image inspires each of you to make a mess, paint and find the spirit of playfulness in your life.

sip and shop

Summer seems synonymous with sipping, shopping and socializing. It’s a time of togetherness. Did you know that I have joined the India Hicks tribe and love to share the line with you and invite you to host a wee get together with friends, family and even enemies. You’d be surprised at how people are naturally social beings and love getting together to try to remember the last time they were together, right? Add a little refreshments, be they, coffee, tea or perhaps something a bit stronger, a few tasty treats – and then share the India Hicks amazing goodies which is a manageable as it is lucky, and adds a bond or creating and boosting one’s spirits. The products ship directly to you or the lucky recipient and the rest is pretty simple. The host earns rewards toward goodies.
On a hot Summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than gathering and sharing a chilled beverage. Let me know if you would like to know more about the India Hicks line or my art. I am a Mom, a woman, and I love to multi-task. Can you sip and shop at the same time. It can be done. Did I mention that when you join the India Hicks family, not only do you get great product but a stunning replicated web site, a back office and a team of encouraging style ambassadors. Want to learn more?

bucket challenge


















Are you ready for another bucket challenge? Great. All you have to do is be a “bucket filler!” No, this is not a bucket dump of any sort, but a challenge to be reminded that each of us can fill buckets and inspire others with kindness and grace.
Be a bucket filler rather than tipping someone’s bucket over. Say something nice, be kind, and be a bucket filler!
Notice the difference in your life when you focus on filling up other’s with strengths and not tearing someone down by dumping their bucket over.
Who is ready for the challenge to be a “bucket filler?”


pve-sailboats print255
I created this illustration a few years ago but had a little fun with it, trying to put it all together in one “sailorly” print.

This past weekend, our son JP graduated from Union College and I am so very proud of him. It feels like yesterday, when we dropped him off for his freshman year. All I can think of is that now is time to sail off into the world and find a job in electrical engineering. But first, I hope when he gets home, he can get caught up on some rest and have a little fun.

Wishing each of you smooth sailing!

summer travel journal

Summer is a wonderful time to travel, even if it might be in your own backyard. I hope that this inspires each of you to create your own “field journal” to take with you. I spotted this clever bag on Tom Bihn and really love how it has everything in one place and is truly all one needs for gathering notes, sketches and ideas to bring home. I thought of you Sandy, and how much you love to wander, Tom Bihn has some great designs for travel gear.

June Journal

















June is the perfect month to keep a journal, even if it is right here on my “blog.” Although many may not have time to keep up with all the blog reading, I find it cathartic to create posts for each of you that do take the time to read. Imagine yourself here, in this delightful spot, enjoying June. I am gathering images for Summer and seem to be drawn to greenery and lots of simple blue and white. Do you keep a journal of thoughts and images?