oh my darlin

PvE- Gift cards-photo I am always inspired by other’s abilities to be so endearing and welcoming, be it a welcome home doorway bedecked with a cornucopia of thankfulness.  This particular client requested hostess cards or “gift enclosure” cards to use to accompany gifts.  My printer printed a 4 x 4 card and I love it.  A simple bag of clementines as party favor really is darlin, don’t you think?



sharing sweetness

10389516_892707954082498_1053851839427912792_nAs soon as the temperatures drop, I begin to bake and share a little sweetness. There is something therapeutic about the mere act or reward of baking. I package them up, 6 cookies in clear bags and tie them with ribbon. There are a few recipes that I can pretty much do blind-folded but love finding new recipes.
I landed on Half Baked Harvest last week and made the Best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip around. Share a little sweetness. I carry a bag with me and hand them out. It makes me happy to think that sharing sweetness might be the thing to bring a smile or make someone feel special. Ribbons are from Everyday Occasions and Name Maker signature ribbons. Everyone seems to be so excited about the sweet little package which makes me smile.

monday motivation – perspective

Over the weekend, my dear husband made roaring fires which we enjoyed and we spent time doing what we love, walking our dog, going out for lunch and we watched a movie together which really spoke to both of us about life. If you are stuck or in a place hating what you do, that needs to change. Do what you love.
It’s Monday and I am in hopes that this motivating message inspires you to “do what you love” and to “get honest” with yourself. Are you stuck or in a career that is not making you happy? Do you need help to “get honest” and to start loving your life? Consider this post a perspective check. Are you feeling sorry for yourself?
Imagine if you were to give yourself a gift, what would it look like, what would you need to do what you love? There are a few people out there and you know who you are that I have either inspired or motivated to work toward creating a more artful life.
Give yourself the most amazing gift. Do what you love. Are you? Do you need help? I love connecting with others that need to design, create and inspire an artful life. Do you have a talent that you want to explore? Are you good with your hands? Do you bake, paint, or have an idea that needs to be launched?
Tell me, are you doing what you love? Life is a gift. It’s all about perspective.


pve design - boys photoI am so thankful to be sending this order off today to such a lovely lady who is a Mother of four and an etiquette consultant.  I love how a little gratitude can go a long way.  As I wrap up this very special commission, I am reminded how thankful I am to continue to create an artful life.

As a Mother, it is so important to pass along the act of thankfulness to our offspring. I can hardly wait to hear how her sons feel about this note.  I’m certain they know all about the niceties of life.

Alright, Alpharetta

PvE Design-JMcL-GA521
Loving this new JMcLaughlin shop in Alpharetta, GA. The bold blue paint is simply scrumptious along with all the new products. If you have a JMcLaughlin near you, pop in, they have so many new arrivals for women and men. Back to the drawing board for more stores and holiday commissions. I need elves people.

Attention Alabamans

PvE Design-JMcL-Alabama520
A new JMcLaughlin shop has flown south, down to Birmingham, Alabama. Please pop in and tell them that “PvE” sent you. Honestly, I have lost track of all the store illustrations I have created over the years but I love each one, how unique they are to each location. I am so thankful for all the work lately but am looking forward to the weekend. My husband is traveling and I have been overseeing our home renovation project, working, cooking and navigating our daughter to get her to swimming, singing, and soccer. I also want to thank Jess Lively for all her podcasts which I love listening to while I work. They are uplifting and add a little intention to my everyday. Thanks Jess.

happy red

Although I have never officially had a happy red room, I think everyone should have a so called “happy” room. I have been spotting lots of red lately and it looks so happy to me. It seems to have a little bit of cherry and a fresh squeeze of orange. This is a painting I did in gouache a few years ago and I love it.
Imagine a room in your home washed in a happy color. What color would make you happy? Did I mention, I live in shades of white? Working with color makes me crave a blank canvas of white or a clean slate to work from.

think happy

JOANRE01tammie bennett's happy thoughts printI am super happy to have won this print. Plan to frame it and hang it up for all to see. Do you have anything in your home that sends a message to think happy thoughts? I love how art can make me smile. Thank-you Tammie. Click over here to see her artwork.

Monday Motivation – Be Thankful

Welcome November and a gentle reminder to be kind, be genuine and be thankful. I am delighted to participate in a fun challenge going on over on Instagram now The #Thanksin30Challenge for the month of November. Shalene Roberts of Faith and Composition started it all! Invite your friends and family, and let’s all share in the joy of cultivating a heart of thankfulness for 30 days!
Get motivated to be thankful!

New York City Marathon

101-running-tips-10Sunday, the New York City Marathon will be happening. Today, I am looking forward to meeting a friend who will be running in the marathon.
I began running at our local high school track only a few weeks ago and have already noticed positive results from just running 4 to 5 times a week. Here are a few tips that have worked for me which may inspire you;
1. Set a time that works for you and mark it on your calendar just as you would a Doctor appointment. Start twice a week, then build up to 3 times and so on.
2. Have a dedicated basket or box for your running gear. It makes it easier if everything is in one spot.
3. Shoes. Invest in a good pair of running shoes. Many shops offer custom fit which is worth it.
4. Water. Have your water ready!
5. Start by walking and then build up. Train and track your route and your miles or progress.
6. Invite a friend or partner to help you be accountable.

Starting for me was the hardest part, but now after a few weeks, I feel stronger and have so much more stamina. While I may not run the New York City Marathon, I can run for me, for my health and my heart. I wish all the marathon runners a great day in New York city and the surrounding areas. Good Luck to all the runners and to those that love to run.