Holla Monday

PvE-Charmesty 1.2015621
Holla Monday, or however you choose to greet your Monday, let’s hope you are well rested and ready to rock today and the week ahead. I am in hyper mode, preparing for my open studio tour, The River Arts tour 2015.









Nothing like waking up in a dreamy bed and feeling ready to rock, paper, scissors Monday. Rise and shine! Meet Charmajesty and be “be a love” and tell me what makes your Monday?

Pretty Pink Tulips Boutique

pve shopThis week, my friend Elizabeth is celebrating her fifth year Blog Anniversary and I thought, this lady needs a boutique. She has been sharing such grace and style and if she had a little boutique, it would be my go to shop for the perfect gifts. Let me throw it back to before Elizabeth drank the magic potion and fell down the blog hole. It was Eddie Ross who shared on his blog, her home tour. My jaw dropped at the gorgeousness of the Pretty Pink Tulips. It’s like she has some sort of miracle grow and magical powers to turn everything into pretty and modern day proper with her signature style. It was then that I just knew I had to capture her home in an illustration. I sent it to Eddie. Eddie sent it to Elizabeth. We met at a spot for an event that I was sketching at that Elizabeth arranged. She was wearing a halter and has style, and a down to earth vibe that makes you immediately love her. Then her endearing Texas charm ropes you in and you want everything she has. “I’ll have whatever she’s having!”









Rather than bore you, head on over, and wish Elizabeth a Hi Five and let’s get this woman to open up a shop, be it virtual or real. I can see a little yoga studio upstairs and a garden out in the back and her charming sons and supportive husband greeting us with the proper handshake and eye contact.


















I feel so fortunate to read her blog, to know her and to be apart of encouraging her to blog. How thrilled am I to see Elizabeth build her Pretty Pink Tulips empire.
Elizabeth, you tickle me pretty pink. Best wishes in every endeavor and reminding us to celebrate in style.

River Arts Studio Tour


The Annual River Arts Studio Tour will be April 25th and 26th and I invite each of you to pop in and be my guest. This is an image from a few years ago where I had lots of tissue paper flowers hung in my studio window. I love looking back and then looking ahead. This year, I have lots of fresh white as a back drop for my artwork. I have also been busy helping to load up images to the new River Arts Studio Tour online site which will go live this friday. My volunteer efforts will be devoted to the River Arts once I am finished up with my PTA role which has been wonderful.

I encourage each of you to get involved, volunteer, increase your circle of friends and join a group that will push you to learn new skills or to share something that you might need a little push to devote more time to. My first tour, I was scared and felt not ready at all, but over the years, I have learned that we all can find motivation and encouragement in sharing with others.

Happy to send you a River Arts Brochure, contact me via my site and I can pop one in the mail to you. Happy Spring!

color fun


















It’s friday and I wanted to share a little color fun with each of you. I can honestly say that color inspires me and makes me happy, although I may not walk around wearing head to toe yellow or orange. After my trip to London and California, I realized how color instantly adds fun. Do you play with color or think about how color can add fun to your day. Just adore this party confetti from Party Party on etsy. Happy Friday!

artful memories

PvE - no.2 Chester Terrace icm_fullxfull.57957023_bcqvj2ia43s4wk08s8kg












Did you ever stop to think while you are making memories that some of them might be captured artfully? Sure, we all are busy with our devices, snapping photos with gusto but what about art as a place holder for something you hold near and dear to your heart. I cannot tell you how happy this commission made me, capturing this wonderful home for a client whose parents once lived there. Memories can live on with an image or a work of art.

at liberty

Liberty photo Travel is good for the spirit. It’s good for one’s soul. My trip to London was solo. I ventured out of my comfort zone and did many things by myself that I felt deserved a pat on the back. I did visit a few old friends and made some new friends too. These lovely Liberty print shirts just made me smile and I seriously wanted to bring them all home with me. Imagine wearing one with white denim. Liberty evokes the fun and quirky side of London that I always love.

Happy daffodils

Wishing each of you a Happy Easter or Passover holiday. I painted these happy daffodils on the flight home from California to New York, yesterday. It was so wonderful to feel the sunshine and sand and see such happy smiling faces and flowers along our travels. I am unpacking and organizing my to do lists. I have so much to share and am feeling so inspired and focused. April is a wonderful month with tons of good things in store.

Part of my travel mission was to upgrade my fun quotient and I am happy to tell you that was accomplished. In hopes that my artwork brings a little fun to your day!

fully loaded
















Back home from London and all I can say is that I feel “fully loaded” with tons of amazing inspiration and focus. The workshop, “colour creatives” with Fiona Thumberstone was incredible and I devoured her book “Exhibit” on the plane home.  In hopes that Fiona will come to New York soon and give her workshop here in the United States.

I achieved my goal which is to “upgrade my niche and fun factor!”  Traveling alone helped me to confront a few fears and move me in the right direction.


















I am unpacking and re-packing for a trip to Los Angeles and I am really excited to meet with a printer there and soak up some sunshine.  As you know we have had lots of snow, gray and never ending winter in New York.

Just looking at these images makes me smile and I hope that they make you smile too.  Happy Spring and Happy Easter!  Have fun!

London Calling

London is calling me and I am flying there this weekend to attend a wonderful workshop with another dear friend and fellow artist.

I have a full couple of weeks and will be back to the blog after Easter. It seems we are all hanging out on Instagram- so join me there.
I’ve been keeping this blog since 2008 and love the community and connections made but will be spending far less time on the blog.
That said, each of you are so special to me. Anyone else feeling that blogging is losing interest to Instagram, Facebook and other social media time suckers!

Also, due to an overwhelming demand in my artwork, my prices have also increased. I am most appreciative of your support and enthusiasm for my artwork. Thank-you to a loyal following of clients. Each of you make me feel very talented but honestly, I have been drawing, painting since I was born. I sold colored pictures door to door as a child for a penny. I’ve come a long way.

I’ll be back with brilliant bits to share.

pagoda luscious

PvE-MM monogram613
I had a blast creating this pagoda monogram for a sweet client who admitted to “driving me crazy” but I had to let her know that I already own that, the crazy part. Collaborating on a design is like that, getting it right, nailing it down is part of the process. Did I mention that I do all my work by hand? I don’t push a button, but sometimes, I wish I could or “twinkle” my nose and have it all complete.
Happy Friday to each of you. Hope your day is luscious!