Wedding toasts


Last night I attended a Luxurious event held at Juliska in the Stamford store.  Immediately, I was drawn to the beautiful glassware.  These champagne flutes are stunning and how perfect for a wedding toast or to have for a Summer Celebration.  Perhaps you are looking for a wedding gift, look no further – Juliska has beautiful items for giving or getting for yourself.

Wedding customs


I love Wedding Customs of a variety of cultures and love creating artwork for a variety of clients who are looking to bring a special touch to their wedding.  Still, this week, I find my heart heavy when the hate going on in this world seems to disregard the very nature of loving one another and the value of customs in our lives that continue to keep us clinging on to the ceremonies which are just as sacred as they are charming.  How are you holding on to the love these days?  What are some of your favorite wedding customs?



I must admit after yesterday’s tragedy in Orlando, all I can think of is love.  I did say that this month of June I would be sharing love and all that goes in to wedding nuptials.  So, I will continue to focus on the love.  I love these beautiful birch branches that are perfect for any couple about to share and profess their love for one another.  I found them here. On Etsy!!!


I love the mountains and how stunning is this birch ladder chuppa.  I would have one of these just for photo shoots!


This one is minimal but set against this red barn, it just screams love.  Let’s find the love.

A Royal Wedding

PvE -LadyCharlotteW.057

I literally gasped when I saw the most amazing voluminous wedding dress of Lady Charlotte Wellesley.  I knew right away it was the perfect way to usher in this first day of June with a loose watercolor.  This month, I am devoting all my blog posts to weddings and not just to Royal Weddings.  I would love to know the most favorite wedding you have been to and why?

Memorial Day

PvE -Memorial Day052

Today is Memorial Day.  We are thankful for our country women and men who have served and to those that continue to serve our great nation.

workout wednesday

PvE -Get Fit051
It’s workout wednesday and time to get moving. Why not start, which is often the hardest part. Set aside 30 to 45 minutes to walk, to move and get going. Grab a partner to join you.
Remember to stay well hydrated so bring water and you might want to have some fresh fruit for afterwards to snack healthy.
PvE -Sparkle050
Focus on your body and your breathing. Start small and work towards a goal. Don’t sweat, just sparkle on. Have a wonderful workout wednesday! Do you have a get fit program. You need to sign up for Project Slim Waistline today.

Project Slim


I am so excited to share with you my dear friend Anne Marie and her brand new Project which is called “Project Slim Waistline.” Fortunately, I have known Anne Marie for many years now, when I first began taking her amazing class at a local fitness studio where she taught several times.  The class was called “Little Black Dress.”


Project Slim Waistline is an online site which you can sign up for to get a wonderful program full of great moves to follow and recipes to create healthy clean eating.  It is a wonderful support system and motivator to get one moving towards slimming the waistline and getting healthy.



Anne Marie is launching a Ten Day Ab challenge after Memorial Day which I signed up for.  Let me tell you that her moves work!


They are easy to follow along and you can do them anywhere.  You don’t need to belong to a fancy pants gym.  You can hop outside, go to a park or workout in your own home.


It is true, that when your waistline is slim, you clothes fit better, you feel better too.  Why not sign up for Project Slim Waistline today or after Memorial Day.  I know that this weekend will be all about the Parades and BBQ’s.

Blog benefits

modern computer template mock up background
Good Morning Monday.
Time to blog.
Some of you may wonder why one blogs and what are the reasons or benefits of keeping a blog?
I have been blogging for many years and here are the reasons why I put in the time to blog.

– Reflection, introspection and a place to gather my work, my art and to have a place of my own
– Sharing ideas and knowledge with people all over the world
– A Creative outlet which engages with others which is inspiring and challenging
– Building a community of colleagues, peers and like minded individuals
– Collecting and connecting

Are you interested in something that you would love to share with others beyond your family and friends? Did you know that starting is the hardest part and then maintaining a blog is the key to connecting to others and to bring visitors to your blog. Over the years, the best benefit of blogging for me has been to make connections to others who come from a place of desire to produce authentic content and community. Some may say that there are other social media ways to connect such as instagram, facebook, snap chat and while those are very valuable, a blog is where one shares one’s true voice.

If you keep a blog, please share your reasons for blogging and what is one benefit. This week, I will be sharing some blog buddies that have inspired me, motivated and kept me going and showing up to share my blog, my artwork and my voice.

The Winner of the India Hicks box is Margo Quiriconi. Please contact me on my site to send you your Treasure Box.

sharing treasures – a giveaway

Thank-you to each of you who left me such incredibly kind comments here and on the variety of social media spaces. I must tell you what treasures each of you are to me. It is important that my blog be a place of honesty, authenticity and inspiration. Your comments and sincerity truly mean the world to me. Every word is so supportive and heartfelt. I find that when I am not true to my mission, which is to live artfully, my soul feels completely lost and off course. Taking time out from time to time to carefully do a check on one’s soul is a very good exercise. We live in such a fast paced world with many demands and expectations that we can lose site of our own motivation. The little gem or lightbulb moment for me was that I love to lift others up by being supportive which is not meant to make me a Saint but a caring human. I never want to lose site of that in the midst of deadlines or daily routines. That said, it is also good to remind one another to take time off to play, to be alone, to pamper one’s heart and mind.

Perhaps I don’t say things like this often enough, so in honor of our friendship here on the blog – I am sharing a lovely India Hicks treasure box to you in your choice of color, white, mint or gray.

What is the one treasure that you share with others? I shall select a winner (randomly) and post the winner on Monday. Have a beautiful weekend of sharing.

in the pink

I fell in love with these stunning pink blossoms and thought they might lift your spirits today on this Monday. I must admit that I am trying hard to focus on good things today to keep me going. I have been a little blue lately and the only thing I can blame it on is that I just need to carve out a bit more time for myself and things that tickle me pink. Pardon me while I step away from the blog this week to take care of myself. I am wishing each of you a week of rosy good health and happiness.