Dreamy venues

New York Yacht Harbor club New York Yacht Harbor club

Dreamy spots such as the NYYC are always perfect for planning up special venues. It does take great planning and enthusiasm, especially in the midst of snow storm after snow storm. I think we are all ready for some dreamy sunshine and special occasions to take our mind off of Winter and the sounds of snow plows and shovels replaced by gentle breezes, green grass, waves lapping along the shore and sunshine.
What are you dreaming of?

craving green

I am craving green and contemplating throwing a little birthday celebration for myself.
Since my birthday happens to be St.Patrick’s day, I thought about ways to serve up some lucky green.
Are you craving fresh greens as much as I am?


leopard monogram leopard monogram

This custom monogram began with a few simple words from my client such as “love leopard or lilacs” and magically, pomp and circumstance produced this lovely leopard heraldic crest with her fine initials. I just had a ball creating this one and it shows. Do you think these leopards need a royal crown? I would love to create a crest or monogram for you, click on my shop and order on etsy.


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Today, I am allowing myself a time out for some superabundant thinking.

Do you ever take time out to turn your thoughts towards abundance?

It can almost automatically change one’s mindset. The image of a large bunch of fresh tulips or grapes conjures up images of excess in a good way. Take time out today to turn your thoughts to something of superabundance and see what a riot of happiness and love it can cause.

Give me Park Avenue

pve-park ave. fund588
Darling, give me Park Avenue – bursting with tulips, pansies and blossoms! Created this fun sketch for a dear lady over at The Fund for Park Avenue, and up early to re-work and add some pansies back in to the mix. I don’t know about you but I am longing for Spring and sunshine along any avenue, road, or cul de sac! It takes so much maintenance to make the mall along Park Avenue always look perfect and thanks to The Fund for Park Avenue, they keep things flourishing all year long. Think about giving to The Fund for Park Avenue next time you admire all the blossoms, sculpture and history of one of the world’s most coveted and famous addresses. Leaving an endowment or a donation behind is truly a living and blossoming legacy.

Cardinal Red

Cardinal red
I always welcome a little cardinal red visitor in my garden. Here’s my 30 minute sketch today. Wishing each of you a day full of sunshine and visitors.

The Enchanted Home

PvE-The Enchanted Home592
I am off to the framer now, to have this artwork framed for Tina. I am so pleased with the way this work turned out. It is a gift to dear Tina who opened her home last Autumn to host a wonderful luncheon. As snow covers the ground and we all anxiously await Springtime, I thought this would be a nice reminder during this season of Lent. Lent after all is a time of renewal of our faith and a reawakening our spiritual hearts. For me, lent does involve penance, prayer and almsgiving. As we look to the longer days and the coming of Spring, let us give one another hope and inspiration.

Enchanting Emperors

PvE-Chinese new year591

Since the Chinese New Year is upon us, I spotted these enchanting emperors standing guard over at The Enchanted Home and thought how perfect they are as subjects for my 30 minute sketch. I must admit that this one took longer than 30 minutes, but as Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Such an important message to me and I hope that you find it motivating too.

LC- Chinese new year590
It’s not easy to start something if one thinks that it might take too much time, but if one is inspired, it’s so much easier to stick with it. I have had a busy few couple of days, with hosting my daughter’s High School Ski team athletes who made it to sectionals, and then sending my daughter off to Europe with her High School Select Chorus to Europe to sing in Salzburg, Vienna and Prague. The day she left, my sister and her husband arrived for a wonderful stay where we visited, ate, drank , hunkered down by the fire in the Catskills in some serious Winter weather.  We had a lovely dinner at The charming Deer Mountain Inn which was covered in snow and has been lovingly restored.

Wishing each of you a wonderful day, and a Happy Chinese New Year full of good fortune.

love is in the air

pve-love in the air587
Love is in the air. Wishing each of you love on Valentine’s day.

sound of music







Imagine being 15 and traveling with your High School Select Chorus group to travel to sing in Vienna, Prague and Salzburg.  Yes, today my daughter will be off for a magical trip.
These incredible sketches by Andre Voyy capture these cities so perfectly, I spotted them on etsy.  The Students will even get to see where some of the Sound of Music was performed.  Wishing all the singers and students a wonderful musical adventure!