Love is in the air

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Love is in the air today along with some snow flakes! I added these last week to my etsy shop and they are flying out the door. Thanks for all the love that each of you give me always in your kind words and support. My son leaves this week to drive to Georgia as he is in the Army so I know I will be needing lots of love as I say Good bye to my son. He will celebrate his 23rd birthday on February 18th. Over the weekend, he admitted that after 22 years, it was time to go and we all had a good laugh. As parents, we are never prepared to let them go, but it’s the right thing to do and love will always be with him and all around him.

Super Bowl Weekend

PvE Design - JMcL921
Woke up today with snow and no school which I must say was a nice surprise. I am busy packaging up a few orders to send off today and thinking about the menu for Super Bowl Sunday. We are invited to a local party and the spread looks very much like my illustration.

Do you go to a Super Bowl party? What is your favorite snack?

start with red

It’s February First and time to start with a little red in our hearts. I am just delighted to share the India Hicks business with each of you which I added to my plate last Spring. Yes, I am still creating art but love the entrepreneurial life and creating businesses on my own terms. Although my Mom job takes less time that it used to, I still am very much the glue that keeps things together in our family. The above photo, I styled and had lots of fun creating this vignette. I just started with the color red.
Think about starting your day with a little red. You may shop the India Hicks line here or consider joining me.

flowers for you

Last week, one friday ago, I attended a “Six Figure Soul Infusion Retreat” hosted by Patty Lennon. It was amazing. When was the last time you amazed yourself and took the time to do something to amaze yourself. In order to do this, I know that it was simply the fact that I told myself, Yes, you totally deserve to treat yourself to a day of amazement. I had several “aha” moments and am so happy I took the time to go, to do something for myself.

What or when was the last thing you did for YOU? Do you put off today taking care of your soul? Is there something missing or are you stuck and need to “re-boot” you and what you truly are passionate about? You deserve to treat yourself first.

Say Yes

A few months ago, I met the most delightful person and I found out that we shared a common interest and passion with the word, yes. What are your yes words? Do you need a little push to engage in more yes in your life? Are you saying No simply because you are afraid or finding an excuse that keeps avoiding being open to more yes in your life. Sure, there are times when the word no can be liberating but saying yes provides the momentum to share and give your life more. Thank-you Jeanne Stafford for sharing your “yes” words with me and the many others that are so incredibly fortunate to have you as a mentor and coach.

pearls of wisdom

One of my dear friends, Simply Seleta is always sharing such wise pearls of wisdom and lists for living with a certain amount of grace and flair.  She created a list of life guidelines that I always find inspiring.  Not the kind of list that is unattainable, the kind of list that is human and real and makes me want to sparkle and shine.

Seleta is the kind of gal who can rock the simplest items, jeans, a white shirt, a cardigan and then just toss on some pearls, pumps and be ready for anything.  That is what I adore about her, amongst many other things.  Do you have a list of “Life Guidelines” that you try to live by?

I thought about it over the weekend after attending an incredible retreat last friday.  Thank-you Patty Lennon for infusing some wisdom and some love into my heart and my soul.

What are some pearls of wisdom that would be on your list of Life Guidelines?  I will be sharing my list on Wednesday.


with a bow

I love ribbons and bows. My box full of ribbons, consists of satin, grosgrain, velvet and more. Ribbons make me happy and it is my hope that they make others happy too. A package or a ponytail deserves a pretty bow.

Spring Escape

A dear friend has always reminded me that it is good to look forward to little escapes in life as they carry us away. It might be cold in New York, but I am so warmed up after a weekend in Miami, for the India Hicks Directors Retreat where we previewed the new Spring Collection and had lots of laughs sharing time together.

My sister asked, so does India just pop in and leave? I was glad that she asked me that, to which I replied, no, this is her business and she is there every step of the way. She is a fearless woman of great strength, energy, wit and style. She has gathered an incredible team of women who never thought they would be doing a business like this while they have families, commitments, other jobs and somehow manage to make it work. Is it easy, no, but life is not easy, right? So join us as we build a business on your own terms and gather every so often to share stories, and gather some fun products that can make one’s life more beautiful and fun.

Take a look at the new India Hicks Spring 2016 line and let me know if you see something you might want or need. Take a look at the opportunity of joining in a fun business, hosting a get-together where you earn rewards or just shop. It’s nice to have things to look forward to and to plan ahead for a Spring escape, even if a blizzard might be on the forecast.


The word for this week is “achieve.” When we work towards a goal and complete it or wrap it up, it feels so good. I returned from the India Hicks First ever Directors retreat and it felt so good to realize that being there was achieved because of working towards a goal and believing in myself and others to get there. Is there something that you are working towards achieving? If not, try it because it feels really good to complete, to finish or to earn something.

What are you trying to achieve next? Do you have an effective plan in place or steps in order for you to meet you goal?


When was the last time you believed in yourself? Last week, I shared with you the word – “Imagine” and this week, my word is “Believe.” I count myself extraordinarily lucky to have been blessed with many individuals in my life who have believed in me and encouraged me along the way. I count those people in my inner hut or circle if you will. Some were there from the day I was born and others have come into my life for a reason which is to amaze me with their tenacity, brilliance and believing in me.
PvE-pink splash914
It is amazing when we focus on surrounding ourselves with believers, then everything is easier because we feel supported and trusted that we can do something that otherwise might be fearful since we are not alone. So, I am asking each of you to take a few minutes, draw a circle or a heart and inside that heart, list your believers and how they might have helped you to find your inner champion. As a dear old friend shared with me and African Proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go together.” Who is there for you or who would you like to believe in you. Ask them to support you, ask them for help, ask them to believe in you. It is amazing when we begin to create a life based on our own beliefs and that others want us to find the courage to believe in our own true selves. Just a warning that there will be some that do not believe in you and that is ok. It all starts with you, anyway. Have your own celebratory swearing in for what you believe in and invite those that support you to attend and witness your own true self.

Write down your beliefs and list those people who believe in you today. Start to see how a little support can propel you forward. Will you do this for me? It truly is an extraordinary thing to witness.