take time

I must admit that I am not very good at taking time for myself. This weekend, I am spending it quietly. I am focusing on my time. Do you take time for yourself. You should. You have my permission.

pretty in pink


Pink is pretty. Pink peonies are positively posh in my book.






















Love this bouquet and the black and white ribbon wrapped to keep it looking neat.

























How lovely is this table, the stripe runner and the peonies are a perfect pair.
Pretty for any day but especially on a Monday.




















I often wonder if keeping the blog is worth it as it seems so many are starved for time in this instant world we live in. But I shall continue to pump the message that you need to make your life worth loving. If I inspire you to think about creating a more artful life or love more of what you do, then that is all that matters to me. It does not matter if I get one comment. What matters is that you took the time out of your day to recognize that what I share lifts you up.

Life is full of upsets and challenges. We learn from our mistakes and others but we can also encourage one another to make it worthwhile and feel that we matter. Go forth today and radiate a positive message. Tell someone they matter. Make something. Create it with love. You matter to me.

Island Style










Island Style inspires me and so does India Hicks. After all, I did live in Manhattan for years and it is an Island. I am excited to share news with you that I have joined India Hicks as a Style Ambassador. What does that mean? Well, India chose to go direct with her brand and I am in on the ground floor to help share the line and inspire extraordinary living!






















The products are scrumptious.













The attention to detail is divine. The Carmen Clutch is simply chic.















I really love sharing good things and it’s simple to gather friends over for a get together over British tea or an island inspired beverage. Everything in the line is designed to add beauty to your life. It’s not asking you to change a thing in your life but sure inspires me to appreciate how I can change myself into being more courageous and to share stories with others. I will still be creating my art and I am excited to share stylish bits with you from India’s collection. Let me know if you would like to know more about becoming your most creative self and entrepreneur. India offers women to be the center of their own island and business. Perhaps you would like to host a get together or join me in this exciting opportunity. Let me know.  Take a look at the line here.

cool monday

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is off to a great start on this monday. Today, I want to inspire and motivate each of you with this cool as a cucumber image. Did you know that certain foods, like cucumber, celery are zero calorie since they require little or not much effort to burn off and they are good metabolism boosters. Enjoy your Monday and keep cool as a cucumber. It’s so easy to have cucumber and celery as a delightful snack. Plus, they serve as good reminders to keep calm and carry on.

For Mother

pve notes on etsy pve notes on etsy
There are so many ways to remember one’s Mother on Mother’s day. My Mom loved sending cards and since I lived far away, we communicated by cards and letters and many phone calls too. There was a time when “long distance” phone calls were very expensive and relegated to the “Sunday call” but times have changed. I hope we never lose the art of sending cards. This year will be the first year without my Mom, so this post is for my Mother. I know that I love creating art and cards because of my Mother. She inspired me in many ways to think of others and radiate happiness and kindness. So, Mom, if you are listening or reading from heaven, you know I miss you and love you and all the cards I wrap and send out are for you. Thank-you Mom. Happy Mother’s day.


PvE Accessories Style
Yes, it’s a time to honor all Mom’s this Sunday! How about a Mom portrait. Does your Mom have a signature style or accessory that sets her apart in a chic and perfect way? I loved this lady, I created a few years ago sporting her silk head scarf, rose colored glasses and chic stripe top. Let’s remember to celebrate all Mom’s this Sunday.

Monday notes

PvE - Just a note notebooks
I have added these spiral notebooks to my etsy shop. They make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day or for teachers, shower gifts or graduation gifts. I love carrying a notebook in my bag to jot down to do lists or notes. Order one today on my etsy shop. Just a note to you on this Monday. Happy Monday.


PvE- Charlie639
Meet Charlie. He made me stop and reminded me to play in the daisies! Do you take time to stop, sit a minute and admire all the goodness around you? Well, take it from Charlie, go outside, take a walk, play and enjoy your day!

full of life

PvE-JMcL Happy print626When one feels energy, they feel full of life. That vitality changes the way one sees about everything and it flows to open up and radiate such excitement. This is a painting inspired by a print on the J.McLaughlin line. J.McLaughlin has been a long standing client and they just launched a brand new site. I began working free-lance for them when there were only three shops. Now there are nearly one hundred stores. Witnessing the growth of a brand grow while remaining true to core values and the customer is electric. Last week, I was shopping in the Bronxville location and a customer came in carrying a needlepoint bag that she had stitched. It was so full of life that it inspired me to get busy and needlepoint again. I could feel her joy and energy.
peter-pilotto-spring-2015-rtw-01Spotted these dresses that seem to glow by Peter Pilotto and thought how full of life they are! I look at them and feel young at heart and playful. My daughter went to two sweet sixteen parties to attend and had so much fun.   She was so excited to share good times with her friends. Parties create energy and celebrate life.  How do you create playfulness in your life?  For some it might be a signature color or a game or a walk around the corner!  Remember to play!  Embrace life!
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