Tuesday Topiary


I spotted this lovely topiary and thought that in a few weeks time, we will need to bring plants from the outside in before the first frost.  I am loving this gray palette and shelves that can display books and or art.  Fall seems like a nice time to display books or tackle projects to give a room a fresh start.  Do you have any new projects you are working on or new books you are reading.


I just finished “When Breath becomes Air.”   It’s not a very big book, but leaves an everlasting impression of how a terminal illness prognosis can change one’s perspective and outlook on life.  Today is a gift, embrace every moment, sip every breath.

Top Image via Stylizimoblog.

Remembering 9/11


Today we are all remembering 9/11.   Watching the ceremony today as names are announced and tears are shed, makes me sad and proud to be an American.  I will never forget that day.  As one of the announcers spoke, get involved, be a part of your community, engage and volunteer with others.  We all seek unity, community and peace.  Let us never forget.  Let us remember 9/11.


A blog moment

pve sun-day-photo

Pardon me while I have a “blog moment” and grapple with the keeping of this blog.  As many of you know who keep a blog, it does take a huge amount of time and effort and with other things that seem to be drawing our attentions such as instagram – it seems there are less comments than back in the hey day of blogging.   When my blog began, it was a way to connect and to share and that is still number one.   I will continue to blog and on a weekly basis with more reflective posts and as a way for me to have a record or a journal if you will.  Sharing moments, art and things that keep me going.

The other day, my daughter, now a Senior in high school rattled off a few of the fad things that she had to have and now looks back as crazy, like the doodle bands, the kooky pens, the blue streak in her hair and we did have a good laugh.  But you see to me, all the phases and desires we have in this life shape us into who we are and I would not change any of the crazy wants or rants.  We can all relate to some of the things that might not have been good choices but when we get caught up and everyone else has that thing, it seems the frenzy of want is collective.  Maybe a blog was like this too.  But I love to think of my blog as a lit candle and the more blog friends I have made over the years have added to the light and the warmth which has given me momentum and more.  Much more than I ever imagined is because of the many blog moments share with each of you.

So, for those of you who are popping in for the first time – Welcome.  To those of you who know me and I hope love me, Thank-you.  Thank-you for allowing me to share my life, my art, my many varied interests.  I appreciate each of you and can not even begin to list the myriad of ways your comments have spurred me on and been like a gentle hug of encouragement.

Only two days ago, I was standing in my kitchen and I burst into tears.  My daughter screamed to my husband, “Daddy, Mommy is crying- again!”  Then I started laughing as we hugged one another and said – “I am having a moment” – A moment of lasts with her and a moment of flash backs of memories of being a Mom, an artist, balancing life, work, volunteering, friends and all the ups and downs of daily living.  At times, this blog may have been “annoying” to my family just as the crazy desires that they have had and will continue to have.  We all are allowed to have moments and memories.

Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day.

As the air turns brisk, leaves dance and the pace quickens in anticipation, and many students start a brand new year of learning which inspires me to gather a stack of books to read.  Start with six volumes that span eras and genres, from Henry James’ iconic The Portrait of a Lady to Kim Gordon’s rock-and-roll memoir Girl in a Band. Play It As It Lays turns a gimlet eye to 1960s America, while The Titled Americans tells an aristocratic tale that spans two countries, three generations and 100 years. Hemingway explores the artistic and intellectual soul of 1920s Paris in A Moveable Feast, and Casino Royale conjures a fictional French resort, and introduces a daring and debonair spy named Bond (James Bond).

What are you reading now?  Today feels like a good day to take some time off and to create a stack of books to read as we turn a page this month of September.

Pop-up Shop

PvE -Pop up shop130

Pop up shop today, Sunday- September 4th from  9- 1 on instagram.  Hope you can pop over and leave a comment – “I want it!” USA orders only.  You will DM me with your phone and I can contact you to arrange payment prior to shipping order.  There will be note-cards, Art, Prints and spiral bound notebooks.

Wishing each of you a wonderful Sunday and weekend.

Hello September


Hello September.  May this month be all about setting one’s intention on peace, love, and harmony in your heart.  I am often told that my home is a place of calm and order.  Many people ask me how I achieve this and they want to know my secret.  I find that it is as simple as writing down what you love or what you want.  My motto is to “create, design and inspire”…..you might want to simply create a list like I have done below for this month.

PvE -September challenge129

You can print this one out or create your own by simply using a blank sheet of graph paper and listing what you want to challenge more of.  Staying hydrated, exercising, and making time to play is so important.  Eliminate the chaos, embrace the calm in your life.  Take the time to create healthy habits this month.

Florida room

PvE -Sunroom125

Depending on where you live, as the month of August winds down, we are all wanting to hang on to the sunshine and savor the light of Summer.  Well, you can by creating a Florida Room in your home.  It might be a porch or an extra room that could be easily transformed with just the right details.  Think of clear lights, lush greens like palms, rattan, sisal and sunbrella.  Pops of happy sunny colors used as accents can keep the room fresh and fun.  A splash of citrus in a tray or coral accents will give the room a coastal vibe.  Summer Stripes always remind me or pretty umbrellas at the beach.

PvE -Florida Room126

This is a quick illustration of how a pair of sofas can provide the perfect spot to gather.  A place to socialize or read and doors and windows to invite the outside in.


This room could be anywhere but makes me feel like I am in Florida right away with the sunny orange.


Black molding certainly gives this sun room or conservatory an elegance.  The rattan furniture with simply white and black sunbrella is easy to maintain.  A table to gather for meals or to play games is just right.  The Fresh flowers provide a cheery vibe.  This room could be anywhere but it takes me away to a place that is sunny and warm.  Do you have a florida room or do you have plans to create one or move to a place that has a sun room?   How dreamy to give a room a Summertime vibe.  One automatically feels more relaxed and as if they were on vacation.  Dreaming of hanging on to summer with a Florida room.

special memories

pve- biltmore024
I think I must have been in 4th or 5th grade and we traveled to the Biltmore. I told my Mother, when I grow up, I am going to live in a house like that. I had made my little shift dress and shorts underneath and I thought I was all that. Strange to think how time can pass, but I am still this little girl full of Summer Memories and thankful times. Thankful that my Mother had the energy to raise seven of us, to take us places and to instill a confidence in each of us. She truly thought we were all that. As a Mom, I understand how we want those around us to feel special.

Monday matters

Love what matters! It sounds so simple, right? Life gets busy and we get caught up with our work, our lives and our calendars. Take time out to list what matters to you. When we realize this, we can begin to truly love what matters. What is the one thing that matters most to you today, on this fine Monday? Are you taking time to love yourself?

Invaluable Summer

PvE -Dock-sider096
How does one put a value on Summer? It is a short window of time that one honors time away and also allows for hunting and gathering fresh ideas to inspire ones life. Your interests may lie in bringing some sort of souvenir home or delight in finding an object that might remind you of summer. It might be something as simple as a small bottle of sand, shells or rocks found. Found objects can be artfully displayed and collected over time to create drama.  Perhaps your dream involves that of an investment, like an Antique Yacht or to charter a trip with your family and friends.  Now that would certainly be an invaluable summer treat.  Summer is all about the place and time.

PvE -Summer Sailboats090

A wallpaper to freshen up a powder room instantly relaxes one to ponder the smoother days of Summer.  I created this painting and so many visitors have requested wallpaper or cotton prints for swimsuits and tunics.

PvE-Farmhouse P.106

I love going to the country during the Summer months.  Drives in the open air give one not only fresh country air but the vistas of nature instantly open the mind and heart.  The Open Air Farmers Markets offer fresh produce and artisanal finds such as jars of honey, syrup, pickles or preserves.  Bringing home the smells and tastes of a trip are always a must in my book.  Look around at all the Antique trucks and Farm equipment.  You can find garden urns, pottery, furniture and more.  Bringing home a special piece from a favorite spot can truly create an invaluable Summer.  What is your favorite town in America to travel to during the Summer?  Do you bring home souvenirs or antiques? I would love to know!