root & bone


Dear Friends of ours recently opened up this little gem in Alphabet City, New York called “Root & Bone” and it is the place to be and garnering lots of attention and clients from far and near.


Fried chicken and waffles, what’s not to love.


Chef’s Janine Booth from Australia and Floridian, Jeff McCinnis  are the super stars of Root and Bone, creating artful nourishment.


Soul nurturing, conscientiously sourced, farm-fresh ingredients.

A craftsman’s ethic coupled with artistic culinary thought.

A tribute to the timeless recipes and traditions of a rural America and the warm embrace of its hospitality.

Every village needs a spot like this, with good roots and bones.

monday motivation – skincare







This was a photo taken to send to a few New York Modeling agencies back in the 80′s.  I never went that route because I always loved creating art and felt a little bored on the fashion shoots comparing myself to other models.  They all seemed taller, thinner, and as much as everyone around me told me I should model, I just did not feel that was my passion.  However, good skin care has always been one of my passions.

Sure, lots has changed with my own skin,  but I have always been blessed with good genes and a commitment to taking care of my skin.  Over the years, I have tried a plethora of products. Several months ago, I ordered the Soothe line of products from Rodan + Fields and currently and considering signing up to sell this fabulous line. There is nothing like customer endorsement, right?  I can see my skin has calmed down, red blotches have faded and the tone of my skin has an overall soothed feeling in general. What I love most is that there’s only four steps and each product has a large number which makes it easy to use.  Four simple steps and an eye cream make it so easy to use.SORG001










Of course, staying hydrated is important along with sunscreen, a good hat and sunglasses when I step outside. I am all for a little vitamin D but just not a fan of that aged leather look unless it is a really good satchel or tote.

I will be working with a photographer soon to get some new profile shots as I am now in my fifties and I want to share with each of you that you can make a difference in your self by improving your skin care. Talk to me, what skin care products do you use and are they working for you?  Would you ever imagine that good skin care could change your life?


dreamy blogger luncheon

blogtable copyThis week, I was invited to a dreamy luncheon with a group of blog friends and nearby neighbors. The table setting was so pretty and the three-course luncheon required stamina as I usually have a small something on the run or while I am working. It was such a treat to meet up with such fine ladies after reading their blogs for years. I was already ahead of the game, having met four out of eight at a round table of nine. bloggiftsThe lovely party favors were created by Jeanne of I-Dream-of and it gives me such delight to know that she is pursuing her passion and artistry after leaving an established career. That takes courage and imagination. I remember when Jeanne and I met in New York City for a lovely lunch and she was trying to decide how to get up the courage to follow her dreams. Well, she did it and I truly feel that the support of fellow bloggers can encourage and propel one to try new things and take a leap of faith to pursue one’s own authentic self. Bloggers all agree that although blogging has slowed down due to other draws such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but blogging gives each of us a great way to communicate our areas of interest, our expertise, our failures as well as share our true passions. Thank-you Sandy and Tina for arranging such a lovely luncheon and what a treat it was to meet and share an afternoon.  A thank-you to Sue at Zhush for the lovely coasters.  At first glance, I thought the ladies from Diane James Home had created the personalized flower arrangements.  I look forward to planning an Autumn luncheon on the Hudson.

breath of fresh air

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Does a color so aptly named “breath of fresh air” inspire you to feel restored? I am in love with this paint color from Benjamin Moore. I am back to blogging and feel renewed with a clearer purpose and passion. During my break, I took some time to assess things and made a list of my good and my bad. I think one area I really need to incorporate in my life is taking time out for fresh air and me time. As a Mother, wife, artist and more, I balance things for everyone but not always as best I could. Let me give you an example;

Last night as I began to prepare dinner, I took the chicken out of the fridge and nearly fell over from the pungent foul odor. Bad. I had bought it the evening prior at a local butcher shop and I had no plan B. I kept thinking how things happen all around us that are out of our control. Having given myself permission to take time earlier in the day to attend a nice leisurely lunch made me realize how each of us need time out for fresh air and restorative treats.

My son is coming home today from Army Boot camp as his blood pressure is high and they released him. This is another thing out of my control, but nonetheless a concern that will be addressed and remedied under our doctor’s care. So, as life throws us “stink balls” or “raises our blood pressure”- we must find focus by breathing in fresh air, right? It sure puts things into perspective as to what matters.

All that said, I am back and I look to find more authenticity in my life, in my relationships with my family and my business. Rather than beat myself up, I am going to concentrate on my passions and work around this. Creating a beautiful life is important to me and inspiring others is something near and dear to my heart. Take time out for some fresh air and time to fill your life with passion and renewed purpose. Does this color inspire you to breath and give you a little oxygen?

private time



























Seriously, is there anything more tempting than that of a private gate or a sign that reads “Do not Disturb?”   Taking time off from the blog has sort of made me feel like I have gone behind some gate or undercover, sporting dark glasses and an Hermes foulard on my head.


























I must admit that seeing a sign that reads “private” on a gate or a road is tempting.  Do you ever take time out to spend time alone and in private.  Please tell me that is a yes.  It has become more challenging to find undisturbed time alone whereas in past generations, one could go missing fairly easy.  I remember as a child, I announced that I was running away and my Mother packed me a lunch.  Permission for private time is like taking a mini time out or vacation away from life and all the to do list.

























I thought this was a clever and cheeky idea . I think as a parent or newlywed, a “do not disturb” would make a great gift.   We all need personal chargers to plug in and feel like we are 100%, right?




















A sign like this for a man cave would be perfect for keeping out unwanted guests.
Tell me, do signs that read -”keep out” – “off limits” tempt you as much as they do I? I’ve been in sort of a private mode this summer and finding lots of joy in spending time to refuel my reserved side.

















I do hope that this post will serve as permission to take a little time out.  Go to a spot where no one knows your name or to a quiet garden and think about your secrets and feel charged and ready to take on the world.  It’s like opening a gate to another side of life.

smooth sailing

Hodgdon's Cafe Cruiser a Tripp design deck detail Boothbay, ME
Just making a quick stop here today to thank-you for letting me take a break from the blog and enjoy time with my family and friends. One son left for Ft.Knox Boot camp training and the other son is now working at his Summer Internship at a nearby Engineering Firm. In many ways, it feels good to know they are both finding their way and have unique experiences. My daughter is keeping busy with swim meets as well as meeting with friends. She is not yet old enough to work and I think that Summer should be a time to relax and recharge one’s batteries.

Taking time to slow down has been a great reminder for me to be more mindful of my own actions and to organize a few areas of my home plus complete some summer reading. I have always been inspired by time near the water, books and the colors of summer. Hope each of you are taking time to slow down and enjoy summer.
I’ll be posting again, but not with any real routine. Let me know if there is something you would like. For now, it’s smooth sailing for the month of July.

window of opportunity

Summer has begun. School is done. Now, is a time for freer routines and time to connect with family and friends.
Windows of opportunity are now. The next few weeks, I will be focusing on a few things in my life and enjoying a break from the blog. I feel the summer is so short and before I know it, my children will be off to school again. Happy and healthy Summer to each of you.

tussy mussy



















Tussy mussies were also referred to as nosegays during their inception in the English Georgian period (AKA the age of Aristocracy). A time when pestilence was rampant and personal hygiene was lax. Elegant ladies would carry around these small bouquets of fragrant flowers to fend off noxious odors, and gentlemen would pin smaller versions to their lapels. A dear friend gave this to me as a little gift when she arrived the other evening at my home.














It was often referred to as The Nosegay, need I say more.

















Love this image of the lady with her vintage-tussy.











Can you imagine carrying around a small tussy mussy to fend off odoriferous odors? Do you think this might be working for her?

growing grace

10488130_815049535181674_6891072329424403051_nCollecting elegant greenery reminds me of growing grace and how I might inspire others. It is my daily actions that will in kind determine how I connect to others and make them feel. A simple oakleaf Hydrangea and a bowl of limes in a green bowl I bought years ago on Shelter Island, set on my kitchen counter to represent living with growing grace. How do you grow grace daily? Do you allow room in your life for grace?

monday motivation – watermelon

7d0d7228bd312b032ff994eeb008db8e It’s officially Summer and watermelons to me just say summer and provide inspiration to motivate me.













Besides making me feel like a kid, they are refreshing and require no utensils.  They truly are nature’s popsicle.