fully loaded
















Back home from London and all I can say is that I feel “fully loaded” with tons of amazing inspiration and focus. The workshop, “colour creatives” with Fiona Thumberstone was incredible and I devoured her book “Exhibit” on the plane home.  In hopes that Fiona will come to New York soon and give her workshop here in the United States.

I achieved my goal which is to “upgrade my niche and fun factor!”  Traveling alone helped me to confront a few fears and move me in the right direction.


















I am unpacking and re-packing for a trip to Los Angeles and I am really excited to meet with a printer there and soak up some sunshine.  As you know we have had lots of snow, gray and never ending winter in New York.

Just looking at these images makes me smile and I hope that they make you smile too.  Happy Spring and Happy Easter!  Have fun!

London Calling

London is calling me and I am flying there this weekend to attend a wonderful workshop with another dear friend and fellow artist.

I have a full couple of weeks and will be back to the blog after Easter. It seems we are all hanging out on Instagram- so join me there.
I’ve been keeping this blog since 2008 and love the community and connections made but will be spending far less time on the blog.
That said, each of you are so special to me. Anyone else feeling that blogging is losing interest to Instagram, Facebook and other social media time suckers!

Also, due to an overwhelming demand in my artwork, my prices have also increased. I am most appreciative of your support and enthusiasm for my artwork. Thank-you to a loyal following of clients. Each of you make me feel very talented but honestly, I have been drawing, painting since I was born. I sold colored pictures door to door as a child for a penny. I’ve come a long way.

I’ll be back with brilliant bits to share.

pagoda luscious

PvE-MM monogram613
I had a blast creating this pagoda monogram for a sweet client who admitted to “driving me crazy” but I had to let her know that I already own that, the crazy part. Collaborating on a design is like that, getting it right, nailing it down is part of the process. Did I mention that I do all my work by hand? I don’t push a button, but sometimes, I wish I could or “twinkle” my nose and have it all complete.
Happy Friday to each of you. Hope your day is luscious!

Palm fronds

Do you ever find yourself day dreaming? Well, it happened to me yesterday. All of the sudden, I was lounging under a canopy of Palm fronds. You ask, really? Yes, so I decided to paint them. Do they make you smile and feel relaxed. I sure hope they do. Kick off your shoes and say Ah. Did you snap your finger for the waiter to bring you a cool beverage and another towel? As tough as it can be, somebody has to dream of sitting under pretty canopy of palm fronds.
Do you ever day dream?

personalized pagoda

PvE-MM Monogram608








Working on a few custom projects and love this personalized pagoda.

PvE-MM Monogram607









I do love how fresh the blues are……but am playing around with a few other colors too.  While I am busy finishing up some artwork, let me know what colors you are loving now? I always love to hear your thoughts.

Hand painted gift tags

pve - st. patrick's gift tags -photopve st. patrick's gift tags photo
I hand painted these gift tags and have added them to my etsy shop. They are pretty tied to a wee gift to a napkin at a place setting for a lovely touch to a dinner party.
Part of the reason that I do what I do is because I love to paint and to share my talents. I do think that printing these would be lovely but for now, I want to share a few hand painted items. I’ll be creating some for Easter, for Spring celebrations. Click on my etsy shop to see the hand painted gift tags. Six unique tags wrapped in a clear bag and tied with a satin ribbon. Hope one of you feels lucky to share them.

Dreamy venues

New York Yacht Harbor club New York Yacht Harbor club

Dreamy spots such as the NYYC are always perfect for planning up special venues. It does take great planning and enthusiasm, especially in the midst of snow storm after snow storm. I think we are all ready for some dreamy sunshine and special occasions to take our mind off of Winter and the sounds of snow plows and shovels replaced by gentle breezes, green grass, waves lapping along the shore and sunshine.
What are you dreaming of?

craving green

I am craving green and contemplating throwing a little birthday celebration for myself.
Since my birthday happens to be St.Patrick’s day, I thought about ways to serve up some lucky green.
Are you craving fresh greens as much as I am?


leopard monogram leopard monogram

This custom monogram began with a few simple words from my client such as “love leopard or lilacs” and magically, pomp and circumstance produced this lovely leopard heraldic crest with her fine initials. I just had a ball creating this one and it shows. Do you think these leopards need a royal crown? I would love to create a crest or monogram for you, click on my shop and order on etsy.


Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset


















Today, I am allowing myself a time out for some superabundant thinking.

Do you ever take time out to turn your thoughts towards abundance?

It can almost automatically change one’s mindset. The image of a large bunch of fresh tulips or grapes conjures up images of excess in a good way. Take time out today to turn your thoughts to something of superabundance and see what a riot of happiness and love it can cause.