Welcome Mayflowers!

PvE-J:McL-blue delft988

Welcome May.  What a strange Spring thus far.  Last night we had another fire in our fireplace and what I would call more of an Autumn Supper rather than Spring.  But, I know that now that May is here, things will start to truly change.  I had such fun creating this painting above and sold it on Instagram.  What fun!  I will be posting more originals on Instagram, selling them and creating new works.  What is on the agenda for May?  I have a few projects in the works and a fun list of things that I am creating.  Happy May!

Cheers to Derby parties

It’s almost time to celebrate the Derby and while the party is really all about the Kentucky Derby Run for the Roses, it is also about the Mint Julep too. It’s also a time to wear your Hat! Paperless Post invited me to share in the fun of paperless invitations. May is a huge month of moments to celebrate and create a party. It’s so easy with paperless post to choose great invites here.  A great invite always sets the tone for a party!
PvE-J:McL-mint julep987
Here’s the recipe to make your own Mint Julep.
Pull out the silver, give it a good polish and fill it with roses. Cover a table with a fresh white linen cloth and you can be certain to create an elegant celebration.
A bourbon bar is easy to set up! I adore this beautiful bar I spotted at Tara Guerard.
Little bites are perfect for a party and then a party favor for every guest to take home is also a nice touch. A simple basket of fruit or cookies for every guest, and you will be a winner with all your friends. Hop on over to Paperless Post to browse all the on line invitations. Celebrations should be super simple and easy to create.
Are you celebrating anything special?



Back home from our trip to LA, California and the one word that comes to mind is nonchalance.  Yes, California has such a refreshing air of nonchalance.  I loved this shop and wanted to share some images that I found so inspiring.   There is a sort of carefree collected vibe.


Loved this cool yet warm collection, birch wrapped candles, brass, feathers and artfully framed paper.  Getting away is good for one’s soul and one’s heart.  A change of air and scenery is always inspiring.  I hope to channel some carefree bits in my art.  Back to the studio today to wrap up some orders and tend to business with a renewed vigor.  Thank-you California for your warm sunshine and refreshing vibe.


take note

PvE - Topiary Trio notebooks-photo
I am a huge note taker and list maker and added these charming note books to my etsy shop and am busy wrapping up orders to ship.
PvE- Topiary Trio notebooks_photo

Simply Seleta posted yesterday on the benefits of keeping a stylish note book and how they make you smarter.


Topiary Tuesday

PvE-Topiary Tuesday997

Did you know that today, is Topiary Tuesday?  Well, I like to make things up just like the art of creating a topiary.  Training and clipping a perennial plant into whimsical shapes is right up my alley.  They just put a smile on my face!  The above trio has been added to my etsy shop listings.  Blank note cards!

PvE-Topiary Tuesday999

Can you tell that I broke out a brand new micron pen to capture these beauties?  I love micron pens, watercolors and whimsical things.

PvE-Topiary Tuesday001

These were created for a client who adores topiaries and collecting designer bags.  I would love to carry a bag like this!

style mojo

In my art studio, there is an area dedicated to a small sink and counter and a bit of storage and during our long renovation 4 years ago – I could not make up my mind with all the choices of a huge project and knew that the right idea would find me. Find me, it did. The above kitchen is from Stylizimo and I plan to have my carpenter get to work on re-creating this look in black stained plywood.

This area will be to clean my brushes and to make a bit of coffee and serve any beverages to visitors.  I have a bathroom nearby for washing up, etc.  Don’t you just love this look.


I have always been a glass half full (optimist) and am so excited that this little project will finally be getting crossed off my list.  Nothing like stylish friends from Norway to inspire me.  Thanks Stylizimoblog.


RiverArts Studio Tour 2016


It’s that time of year and can you believe that I am up preparing my studio to welcome visitors from near and far.  I do love that every year this tour provides an opportunity for so many artists to open their studios to the public and welcome them to see the art they create.  We have 82 artists this year participating which is a record number.  What I love most is sharing my art and inspiring others to create and live more artfully.

So, what happens to me is that I become insane and start cleaning and organizing and am always amazed at what I can collect , uh I mean hoard. Perhaps for me, participating in this tour is also learning to really look at my own art and where I see myself going.  It gives me a chance to be vulnerable, not that I am scared but more that I stand in awe of every artist who goes through the same emotions of opening up one’s studio to connect to our community and celebrate the Arts and RiverArts. The site has a link to the RiverArts studio tour and there is a mobile map.  I welcome you all and look forward to meeting new and familiar faces!



Earlier this week, a dear friend and client asked “How do you stay creatively fresh?”  I thought to myself, that is such a great question to share and staying fresh is important which requires focus, clarity and often time away or just time to play.  Do you remember as a child when you were told to go play?  We need to remind ourselves as adults to play and to take time away.  It is easy to get caught up in our roles and demands of life and not feel we are worthy of play time.  Create a list of all the things you love, your favorite colors, places, or classes you want to take.  Sign up for a class, learn something new, try a new recipe or go to a park and hop on a swing.  If you feel you positively cannot do this alone, then invite a friend.  Schedule a play date with yourself, put it on your calendar.  It need not require any expense, it should be simple and freeing.

We are so much better fresh to ourselves as we are to others.  Take time to give yourself some oxygen before you administer it to others.  I painted the above painting as a way to honor some play time and also to remind each of you that hitting the refresh button is so necessary to stay creative.

Daisy May

PvE-Daisy May003
Meet Daisy May. I am working on a series of happy paintings because there was some serious good news yesterday that deserves an outpouring of love and happy paint. My brother got some good news regarding a health test. I must admit, we were all pretty scared. So, each day is a gift and to be celebrated.

Spring sweetness

PvE-pansy cupcake996
I shared these cupcakes that I spotted on Cake Journal yesterday and decided to paint them. Hope you are having a sweet Spring so far. Don’t forget to make time for doing what you love that makes your life sweeter. What is the one thing you have been craving? I have some new books to read and a few new Spring tops to wear!