California charm

J.McLaughlin has opened it’s first California shop! I love stores that are tucked in places next to coffee shops. This one looks like a charming spot to meet a friend for a coffee and a little girl time.

earth day cheer

Last year, I sent this card to a dear blog buddy and to me it really says it all about celebrating our earth and spreading good cheer. As a young gal, I was nicknamed “Treeba” by my sister – I had long legs and was always drawing trees. I love all the seasons, but the Spring is just so magnificent to see things turn green and blossom. Happy Earth day to each of you.

monday motivation – making memories

My daughter and I were on Spring Break last week visiting family in Louisville, KY. I am in hopes that our time spent there was part of what motivates daily life which is “making memories.” We spent time each day visiting my parents who are living in a Nursing Home now. How fortunate my folks are to have one another at their respective ages of 86 and 87. Many individuals there at the Nursing home are living by themselves, yet in a group unit so they do rely on one another. Their days are that of a good routine, waking, getting dressed, mealtime and then physical therapy or group activities. Some have lost all memory and others seem to be making memories. My parents have made friends and of course lost a few too.

We went downtown to visit a few incredible artworks that are part of a permanent collection at The Kentucky Center for the Arts. We stood in front of a Jean Dubuffet and my sister took this photo that I shall cherish. We are back home now, and let’s hope that the memories made stay fresh in our minds and hearts of time well spent with family and friends. Happy Monday to each of you. What memories will you be making today?

Happy Spring Break

KY Spring REd Bud KY Spring REd Bud
I have been on Spring Break with my daughter in Kentucky, visiting with my parents and family here. The colors of Spring and all the amazing blossoms just wow me every time I see them and awaken a youthful happy zest for life. Hope everyone is enjoying Spring and all the beauty around each of us everywhere. I will be back next week as I prepare to open my studio for the River Arts tour 2014.

River Arts Studio Tour 2014

River Arts tour 2014-pve-10264477_776874532332508_6224371742680182701_n
The River Arts Studio Tour 2014 is coming up and all the artists here are busy preparing to open up our studio doors for visitors. Each year, this is something very special to participate in and to connect with fellow artisans and share our work with visitors. I am busy sending out brochures and cards today. Let me know if you would like one.

every energy

Lately, I find myself incredibly sensitive to everything and everyone around me.
Everyone seems either too overwhelmed or unhappy and just too openly emotionally.
I find that my every energy is easily drained by other’s inability to commit or to respond with a simple answer.
I have been told that “I’m too sensitive” and I know that I am but what it all boils down to is that when others around me “drain” me of my energy, I retreat into a zone of things that I can control in order to replenish my batteries. Just wanted to share that we have every right as individuals to say, No or to be honest and open with others. Do what it takes to fill your energy level. Just a few things that work for me are;
1. De-Clutter
2. Clean
3. Take one thing away
4. Eat less
5. Drink more water
6. Take a walk outide
7. Create something
8. Spend time with a child
9. Help someone
10. Solve a problem
11. Take a class
12. Find a “just right” place and of there
13. Time alone is restorative
14. Listen and accept praise
15. Seek a fresh perspective
16. Please yourself first
17. Play
18. Go supply shopping
19. Keep a journal
20. Focus on you
It’s the weekend and a time to re-charge and to rest.
Every energy needs to be honored and felt. Allow yourself to be sensitive.

gotta meditate

0604-om-rem-0711This week has been a full week of activities and “gotta gotta’s.” Gotta do this, gotta do that, gotta get this, gotta get there. I am taking time out each morning, to meditate. I have learned that carving out this time every day to sit, to find the calm, to let all the things I think I have to do or need to do can wait. I let myself be drawn to the beauty of the silence and the space within myself to allow stillness a place of honor. Do you meditate? Try it for a few minutes. It’s harder than you think. All the things coming at us can add stress and negative effects on our health. Take time to stop. Enjoy the calm. Embrace what comes to you and allow your heart to feel loved.

S-wellness Fair


Sweet samples of raw fruit and veggies were available at the Wellness Fair at the Raw Bar.  We had a hydration station with water, milk, an all natural carbonated drink and energy bars.  Around the


The WELLNESS Fair was so much fun yesterday. Just wanted to share a few photos from the fair which was in the High School Gym. It was an event which took months of planning.  It felt like planning a family reunion or a wedding.


There were many vendors and parents who graciously volunteer ed to share their passions for wellness. Little Croc Bakehouse shared samples of their vegan and gluten free baked goods.  There were many participants who gave of their time so generously.  It was amazing to see how the students mingled and roamed around the fair tasting and learning new things to cultivate their own personal awareness of healthy choices.  We had the smaller gym devoted to drug and alcohol prevention and some fun activities for all the students.  A drunk driving simulator machine and special glasses to walk the sobriety line.

Good feedback is already pouring in and I am so happy to hear that the students were happy with the fair and break-out sessions of Yoga, Tai Chi, Creative Dreaming, Beginning Meditation, Art Journaling, Bullet Journaling, Nia, Bollywood, Organizing, Energy tips,  Snack Chat and Hula-Hooping.

Wellness Fair

Today is the day for our WELLNESS FAIR at Ardsley High School. We are so pumped to share a day devoted to fun activities, to cultivate awareness for healthy choices. There are many demands on all of us between the screen time and then the not so good choices that tempt us each day. Take a day and create your own little wellness fair. Go outside, visit a Farmer’s market, plant something, walk, move, drink lots of water, go to bed one hour earlier, focus on learning something new. Eat more whole foods and take time to give thanks for all the good and plenty available. Give to your local food shelter or Salvation Army.
It’s up to each of us to live healthy and own our WELLNESS!

the best of the bunch

















I was raised one of seven and while I did not grow up on a farm, both my Mother and Father built a business based on “the best of the bunch.” They inspired and gathered bunches of good things, imparting bits of knowledge along the way. There is not a day that goes by without some sort of thanks to them for teaching me so many good tips for living well.
















Planting even the smallest plot or raised garden can yield bunches of healthy nourishment.

















Freshly picked bunches of soft buttery lettuce create such a lovely salad.











Creating wellness begins with taking a close look at identifying three areas, one’s nutrition, one’s mind as well as one’s body. All three areas need to compliment one another. If you are thinking well and good thoughts, then your decision to choose healthy food choices will in turn motivate you to move and be active. It’s simple.
1. Nourish, Choose good whole food, organic when available.
2. Move, Exercise for your heart and your mind. Walk, garden, find a class to go to or create a group to meet several times a week.
3. Mindful thinking creates positivity. Find time for quiet. Meditate. Think good thoughts.

For our Wellness Fair tomorrow at the Ardsley High School, we have the best of the bunch gathering together to share their passions for living well. In today’s culture, between all the pull of screen time and risky choices it is so important to learn that the best choices play a role in one’s well being.  We are very fortunate to have collaborated with Wainwright House, a center devoted to well-being.  We have teachers who will be sharing solutions to problem solving and identifying ways to tap into one’s creative mind and body.

We will begin with a Fair, set up like a Farmer’s Market and afterwards have a menu of two forty minute breakout sessions, which the students selected from;

Yoga, Beginning Meditation, Creative Dreaming, Art Journaling, Bullet Journaling, Tai Chi, Nia, Hobbies, Old School Games, Snack Chat, Organize your overwhelm, Turn Boredom into Energy and more.  A generous gift certificate for a one day healthy cleanse from Sakara Life will be raffled off.

I cannot wait to share the Wellness day with this bunch of young minds. After all they are our future. The seeds we plant today grow  tomorrow.  I love knowing we have the best of the bunch for these young minds.  Inspiring wellness creates positive energy.