special memories

pve- biltmore024
I think I must have been in 4th or 5th grade and we traveled to the Biltmore. I told my Mother, when I grow up, I am going to live in a house like that. I had made my little shift dress and shorts underneath and I thought I was all that. Strange to think how time can pass, but I am still this little girl full of Summer Memories and thankful times. Thankful that my Mother had the energy to raise seven of us, to take us places and to instill a confidence in each of us. She truly thought we were all that. As a Mom, I understand how we want those around us to feel special.

Monday matters

Love what matters! It sounds so simple, right? Life gets busy and we get caught up with our work, our lives and our calendars. Take time out to list what matters to you. When we realize this, we can begin to truly love what matters. What is the one thing that matters most to you today, on this fine Monday? Are you taking time to love yourself?

Invaluable Summer

PvE -Dock-sider096
How does one put a value on Summer? It is a short window of time that one honors time away and also allows for hunting and gathering fresh ideas to inspire ones life. Your interests may lie in bringing some sort of souvenir home or delight in finding an object that might remind you of summer. It might be something as simple as a small bottle of sand, shells or rocks found. Found objects can be artfully displayed and collected over time to create drama.  Perhaps your dream involves that of an investment, like an Antique Yacht or to charter a trip with your family and friends.  Now that would certainly be an invaluable summer treat.  Summer is all about the place and time.

PvE -Summer Sailboats090

A wallpaper to freshen up a powder room instantly relaxes one to ponder the smoother days of Summer.  I created this painting and so many visitors have requested wallpaper or cotton prints for swimsuits and tunics.

PvE-Farmhouse P.106

I love going to the country during the Summer months.  Drives in the open air give one not only fresh country air but the vistas of nature instantly open the mind and heart.  The Open Air Farmers Markets offer fresh produce and artisanal finds such as jars of honey, syrup, pickles or preserves.  Bringing home the smells and tastes of a trip are always a must in my book.  Look around at all the Antique trucks and Farm equipment.  You can find garden urns, pottery, furniture and more.  Bringing home a special piece from a favorite spot can truly create an invaluable Summer.  What is your favorite town in America to travel to during the Summer?  Do you bring home souvenirs or antiques? I would love to know!

Summer souvenirs

PvE-Long Island115
Summer is a time when many find themselves at sandy shores. Travel can often involve bringing home souvenirs or treasures from the beach or local shops. I have a keen eye for new shops as well as old haunts that lure me to another place and time.
Montauk 2012
The above image was from a few years ago when my daughter and her friend and I traveled to Montauk. We took a boat out one evening and it was windy and wild. The memories that I hold from that trip are dear to my heart as these beauties are now Seniors in High School. Summer souvenirs are invaluable. The memories we hold provide escapes for our minds and our hearts. I will be back to share more from my recent trip to Montauk. It’s been quite a busy summer for me and I am thankful to each of you who visit this “ole blog.” I am always appreciative of calls and comments of how I might have inspired someone to create a more artful life. Happy Summer. Enjoy these days.


MM Yoga568
Yoga has taught me many things. I began practicing Yoga again after taking a break. I am amazed that in such a short time, the benefits are so incredible. I walk nearly every morning and I strength train at least twice a week. The gift of movement has opened up my heart for more kindness towards others and to myself. I feel stronger, more balanced and more peaceful. Letting go of things that I cannot control is liberating. Remember to enjoy the journey and find kindness in your own practice of yoga or movement that speaks to you. Kindness begins with you.


PvE -August-island garde102
BUTTERCUP nodded and said good-by,
Clover and daisy went off together,
But the fragrant water-lilies lie
Yet moored in the golden August weather.

The swallows chatter about their flight,
The cricket chirps like a rare good fellow,
The asters twinkle in clusters bright,
While the corn grows ripe and the apples mellow.

Inspired by the poem, August by Celia Thaxter

Happy August First to everyone.

Summer Sips

PvE -Oysterville-Vodka099

Today is a hot one on the East Coast and one way to stay cool and celebrate the Summer is to prepare a celebratory sip.  Oysterville Vodka with Club soda and fresh lemon, mint and a bit of simple syrup sure is refreshing.  Here is the recipe for a South Side.

PvE -South Side Cocktail095

Stay cool and have a wonderful weekend.

Ice Cream

PvE -Ice Cream cones093
Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, although in my book, every day should be Ice Cream day.
It is a wonderful Summer Time Treat.
PvE -Summer Ice Cream091
I have fond memories of the Ice Cream Truck driving around my childhood neighborhood with the sweet sound playing and luring children to come buy a cone.
PvE -Ice Cream092

Wishing each of you a sweet weekend.  I am trying very hard to find the sweetness in light of the recent tragedy in Nice, France.  My heart is heavy and I know we all need to keep our hearts open and love life and find the good.  Ice Cream seems to help a little bit.  What helps you to keep going when bad things happen?

Summertime slow down

Summertime offers us each an opportunity to slow down, but how many of us actually allow this to happen is the real question. Do you take advantage of slowing down? Perhaps my illustration might inspire you to take the time to pause. I call it “Hammock time” and the time we allow to swing and let go of things can revitalize and recharge one’s soul. What are you waiting for? Go, slow down. Enjoy your Summertime.

Wedding toasts


Last night I attended a Luxurious event held at Juliska in the Stamford store.  Immediately, I was drawn to the beautiful glassware.  These champagne flutes are stunning and how perfect for a wedding toast or to have for a Summer Celebration.  Perhaps you are looking for a wedding gift, look no further – Juliska has beautiful items for giving or getting for yourself.