Oh Christmas Tree

Picked up these notebooks from my printer and adding them to my Etsy shop.  Order yours today.  I will be on Holiday December 18th until the New Year.  I wish each and everyone of you a splendid Holiday around the tree.

Pilates positivity project

I added the practice of Pilates to my life last May and shortly thereafter enrolled in the Club Pilates Teacher Training as I work towards becoming a certified Pilates Instructor.  As an artist, (I) or we as a population spend much of our time sitting so by adding Pilates to my life, I have increased my level of motion and in doing so the positive results are proof that this is one of the best lifestyle choices I have made.  Each of us have choices to make and plenty of excuses get in the way of delaying of truly putting our health first.  Life is busy and suddenly we find ourself overwhelmed and out of shape because we did not make moving a priority.  The weight creeps on and it becomes a downward negative spiral but with a scheduled Pilates practice, we can meet our goals with positive results.  Our world bombards us with rampant negativity, creating anxiety and depression but we can be the change by looking for our own radiant abundance within.  Pilates has shown me that the art of movement is directly correlated to my own art and creative expression.  When we are happy, our life and our own body image become aligned with our authentic self.

Visualize your body, mind and soul being fed what it craves and give yourself permission to pause.  Once we take that time out to really reflect and develop a vision and a plan, it is then that we start to better ourselves towards our image desired.  Perhaps you desire a slimmer more toned body or you want to be stronger, more flexible and improve your posture.  The goal you have can be achieved by developing a regimen and practice.  Nutrition and Exercise are the keys to create your best body but without a plan, one quickly realizes that one cannot live a “all or nothing” lifestyle.  It takes commitment and courage to start a practice however the positive benefits will reveal themselves with dedication and consistency.

Learning pilates has taught me the importance of total body workouts and how we move throughout our day can be improved.  If you are thinking of adding Pilates to your life, I would be honored to teach you.  Like anything, it takes practice to master the levels but the learning is incredibly life changing.   Positive results through a personalized practice and a series of key movements will bring you closer to achieving your own best self.  Give yourself permission to pause and start taking care of your self.  What are you waiting for?



Artful Living Workshop

I am incredibly proud to offer the first of many, “Artful Living Workshop” no.1 which will take place on December 7th.  There will be two sessions.  The first time slot is 12 to 2 pm.  We will have an artfully prepared lunch and then time in my studio to create a very special holiday gift, wrapping paper and gift tag to take away with you.  The 2nd time slot is 4 – 6pm, a High Tea followed by the studio workshop.  My mantra has guided me daily, “To design, create and inspire” and in a nutshell it involves living Artfully in everything one does.  To be able to share this with others has always been something I longed to do on a more personal level.

Tickets to this event may be purchased on my Etsy shop.  I look forward to welcoming you to my studio located in Ardsley, NY.   I am a train ride from New York City.  I have purposefully made this affordable and the proceeds will benefit RiverArts, an organization committed to Celebrating and Cultivating the Arts in the Rivertowns.  Contact me on my site if you have any questions.  The first event has been sponsored by a long time client and friend, J.McLaughlin who became a friend of RiverArts.  I consider this my way of giving back to support the Arts which is after all a living legacy.

Home sweet home

Will you be traveling for Thanksgiving?  Will you be spending time at home?  I heard on the news there are deals to be had to fly anywhere but America this week.  It is the busiest time of the year.  Wishing everyone a sweet Thanksgiving and sending Thankful greetings for each and every one of you from my home to yours.


In just two weeks, many families will gather together from near and far to celebrate and American Holiday called Thanksgiving.  In a way, it has always been symbolic of a sort of “homecoming.”  For many years when I was a young adult living in New York, I was invited to celebrate with a family who shared one of the most elegant Thanksgivings I had ever seen in my life.  Do you cook or are you invited to celebrate the day with others?  I often get nostalgic for those days gone by.  What are your favorite memories of Thanksgiving?  We made the cutest place cards and centerpieces were crafted out of fresh fruit, corn, and a cornucopia basket.  A wishbone is a fun little gift to give to guests.

Journal your way

Last March, I gave myself a gift which was to really look carefully at my own self care.  I cannot remember how Daphne came to me but let’s just blame it on the proverbial rabbit hole of which I fell into.  Daphne of Doing Well provided me with accountability and a daily plan to achieve noticeable changes in my mind and body.  It was like walking into a really incredible essence of wellness and apply new things that have given me more vitality and abundance in my daily life.  I wanted to share this page of my journal which worked for me since I am a visual learner.

This is just inspiration for you to take a closer look at your day.  Journal about it.  Notice what you are doing to aid or to sabotage your own self.  Are you truly getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating greens and so on.  Are you moving, walking or are you sitting for hours on end?  We can say that we all know the path to wellness comes with life’s challenges such as stress, trauma, unemployment, sickness and more but if we chart our life with healthy intentions and plans it becomes a habit and something that agrees with us and our bodies.

Yesterday, I walked home for our village and heard last night that a pedestrian was hit.  I watched the cars and people speeding to and fro and wondered what we all are such a big hurry for?  Try to live your life in the present moment and stop doing what you know is showing up in your own body that may produce signs of illness.  Journal your way and your day and you will see what changes become good healthy habits.

No in November

Happy November!  This is a reminder that there is a “no” in November.  Let me explain.  I am working towards winding down artwork orders by the middle of this month so I can prepare for a Thanksgiving feast and welcome home family and guests visiting from afar. In years past, I would accept work up until the final Christmas Countdown but now I am not and it feels really good.  I would suffer because of saying Yes.  Now I am saying No to sabotaging my own health and joy.  In years past, clients, family, friends would place demands on me because they were trying to slip in last minute orders and I would of course take it on as a sort of herculean people pleasing task and then grumble to my own self as to why?  None of you do that, right?

I am in the midst of Pilates Teacher Training and I love it.  Funny how self care can show us what is truly important in life and align our own health priorities more clearly.  Learn to say the word “No” if someone is pushing you towards a yes that might not feel right or work for you.  November is a time to give thanks and to count our blessings.  Say no to doing more and yes to doing less and finding more joy.

Trick or Treat

Do you ever stop to empty the inside of your tote, bag or briefcase?  It is truly amazing when we stop and carefully remove each item, that we assess what we need to keep or toss or perhaps embrace as a lost toy.  Remembering back to Halloween as a child and returning home to dump out my haul and realize that it was more treats than my Mother would have ever bought in one lifetime.  Her brother was in fact our Dentist, Dr.Bob and I take great pride in never having a cavity until I was in my fifties.

Dump out the contents and write down what you really need in your bag of tricks.  Perhaps like items or collections can be housed in zip bags or cases such as your cosmetics or cords.  How often do you take time to look at what you are carrying around?

As Halloween approaches, think about what sort of Tricks or Treats are weighing you down or truly adding sweetness to your day.

Bespoke your life

The word that seems to be au courant is “bespoke” and the in gal at Bespoke Designs in Westchester has invited me to come on September 26th and share my words on Watercolor.  Please contact Bespoke if you are interested as space is limited.  Shari has so many beautiful things in her shop to celebrate any occasion.  Bespoke is located in Westport, CT.

Sunshine and fresh air


October is flying by and I wanted to give you an update on all the exciting things happening over here.  This weekend I begin Pilates Teacher Training at Club Pilates and I am super excited about this.  Do you take time out for your own self care, which includes exercise and pampering.  It is life changing when you commit to taking care of yourself.  I hear from so many people that they do not have the time to exercise or never make time for themselves.  What are we waiting for?  Take time out for sunshine and fresh air!  Try a pilates or yoga class and see how you feel!