thankful for

Make a list of all that you are thankful for.
Start with a blank slate, a blank page or a rustic chalkboard will do from OliveManna.
It’s simple when we focus on what we love.
Loving this chic floral. I am thankful for life, for friends, flowers and fall.
What are you Thankful for?
Think about what you are Thankful for?

Novica Giveaway winner is Barbara P. Please e-mail me to claim your gift code with Novica. Thanks to each of you who left a comment last friday. I am thankful for you.

Giving Novica gifts – giveaway

Novica is truly an amazing company and has kindly offered a $50 gift certificate to one of you to use towards a Novica purchase. I truly love that Novica provides artists with loans to be able to create their own arts and products into a business that they might not otherwise be able to. As we enter the season of giving, please think of Novica. I love knowing that my purchase from Novica is providing another Artist exposure and the opportunity to create art or pursue their passion of crafting objects for others to enjoy.

Founded in 1999, NOVICA is a mission-driven crafts company that connects artisans in developing nations to a global marketplace. NOVICA sells the artisanal goods through an established structure that includes online, wholesale and direct sales distribution channels. NOVICA is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates a network of regional offices in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and most recently Guatemala. The regional offices work directly with artisans and fulfill international orders for NOVICA’s retail and wholesale markets.


Take a look at Novica and let me know what item you would want to give or receive. I will select a winner and announce the lucky one on Monday morning. It fills my heart knowing that another artist is finding happiness in creating art while building their business. It does not surprise me that National Geographic is a partner. As a child I loved National Geographic and seeing the world and all the amazing photographs and artists creating. Please share Novica with your family and friends. Thank-you for making another artist smile.

cozy up

In light of the recent world news, it seems everyone that I speak to is on a mission to cozy up their homes and focus on the comfort of family and friends gathering.  Our priorities are to be prepared and ready to welcome the days of joy.  Check out these  winter home tips  to be ready for the coming season.

Lighting a candle not only adds an intimate glow but also the scent can be so restorative.  I adore the India Hicks Black Hibiscus candle.  Shop it here or contact me and I am happy to help you stock up for the Winter.  It makes such a lovely gift.  All you need is to tie it up with a pretty gold ribbon.


Who does not love to snuggle?  While an extra throw or a cozy pair of socks might seem old school, they truly are also the best way to keep warm and cozy by the fire.  I just picked up a cozy pair of socks yesterday.

What are some of your favorite tips to cozy up your home?

the family tree

As many of us start to prepare to join as families and celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought about all the family trees like rings of a large trunk of a tree.
Last week, a huge tree fell and fortunately did not fall on anything or anyone.
How fun to think about something like this as a hostess gift to give to a family. A modern family tree. You can find them over here at  Our Humble Abode.

the best candle


It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.
W. Somerset Maugham

Allow me to introduce you to the best candle.  I thought the above quote by W.Somerset Maugham was very fitting for this Casuarina Candle.


Especially after finding this book.  I just adore the cover and how it takes me away to the islands and to the Casuarina Tree.  This resonates with me this week, after losing a large tree on our property and feeling incredibly blessed that this tree did not fall on our home or hurt anyone.


So today, I light the very best candle, the Casuarina Candle by India Hicks and drift off to an island escape.  The Casuarina tree has the look of a pine tree, but is actually an ironwood.  Accept the very best today.  May your weekend be full of beauty and all the best.  Place an order today on my replicated site, here and I will personally Thank-you with a Casuarina Candle.  The offer is only good for today.  What are you waiting for when you can have the very best.


Say Yes

PvE-Say YES 2015868
I began this month with the intent of a place of thankfulness and I am so excited to also let you know that when you “Say Yes” it unlocks so much abundance and gratitude.
Think about it, when you “Say Yes” it opens your heart and doors to new adventures. Try it today, “Say Yes” to every space you enter. Pay someone a compliment with the word -“Yes” as it immediately opens them up to feel welcomed. Say yes. Is there something you said “Yes” to that has changed your world and the space around you? The above wreath belongs to Jessica at The Entertaining house. She simply said Yes with a little gold spray paint. Yes, I approve of gold!

Undying Gratitude

Undying Gratitude pretty much says it all. Thank-you to all who have served and all who serve our country. As my son awaits his active duty commissioning for the USArmy, I give thanks to all the great leaders who instill bravery, confidence and for the many sacrifices made to serve. Indebted and grateful am I. Thank a Veteran today.

wish lists

About this time of year, I ask my children to give me their wish lists. Do you have a wish list? I have been collecting wishbones for my Thanksgiving Table and will be spraying gold. Remember to count your blessings while you are making your wish lists. What is on your list this year?

Are you wishing for something big or small? Do you wish you could do something better? Maybe a class might be on your list. Do you wish you were stronger, smarter, faster? Often times, it is when we really look at our own lists, then we find what we wish for is attainable. Don’t wait to make your wishes come true.

monday mantra

It’s Monday. What is your “mantra?” A mantra or a motto can be the game changer to your day, your week and your life. Are you looking for more? What are you missing?
More time for creativity? I have been absorbing the energies of others and realizing that it seems to be universal that many believe creativity is magic.
Your monday mantra might be in need of a fresh start or a dose of inspiration. Change it up by adding a little spice to your day. Just the aroma of a spice such as clove, cinnamon or ginger can add an air of excitement as well as provide health benefits to clear the mind. It might conjure up images of a far away place or clear your mind to focus on what you are missing? Do you wish for something or long for a change? How do you visualize your day? What is the obstacle in your way preventing you from getting there or challenging you to step up your game? Is there a class you need to take? A skill to learn? Focus on finding your own slogan.
Whatever your mantra is, don’t wait, begin today by trying to find the words, the sound, the story and write that word down, say it backwards and focus on the power of keeping that with you all week long. You might write it on a rock or keep it in a box. Find the magic of your monday mantra bringing you miracles all around you. Remember, your buzzword or tag line makes you your very own instrument of peace.

weekend love

The weekend deserves to be all about love and this madly deeply tote from India Hicks is a wonderful way to gather up all your belongings for a little escape. I ordered mine in Duchess which is an amazing fabric that I want to cover everything in. It is chic yet durable.
The inside is deep, very deep and is piped with the signature pop of happy flamingo.
So, whatever your plans hold in store, think about owning this tote to fall madly deeply in love with. It comes in another color but you’ll have to see that in another post.
There is also a “Baby Duchess” available which is perfect for holding toiletries or cosmetics.
Shop here at India Hicks and if you are thinking about adding an extraordinary adventure to your life, I would love to help you build a business on your own terms.