Be the lighthouse

June is such a wonderful month to go to the sea, spend time on, in or near the ocean and look at lighthouses.  A dear friend once told me that we need to be more like a lighthouse.  It is so true to shine your light and to attract the ships, to lure into your life, what you desire.  It is summer and we all deserve to take time to identify ways we can show our light.  Take a class, learn something new, help a friend without asking, do something nice for a random stranger.  Smile, shine and get creative.


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    What a great inspiration AND a gorgeous painting too!! I would love to see lighthouse notecards!! Hope all is well in your world, Patricia!! xoxo

    • pvedesign
      Posted June 8, 2017 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

      You are always so sweet to visit and leave such kind words.
      I have been having a problem leaving comments on your blog.
      Need to get my geek squad on that.

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