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pve design - studio 11150869_989211034432189_4700519521066583778_nWell, it’s nearly “show time” for the River Arts studio tour and I am feeling so energized and excited about welcoming visitors to my studio to share my passion for creating an artful life. Last month, I attended a fantastic workshop in London given by Author, Speaker and Creative Catalyst, Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist on Colour Psychology. Both books were at the table for each of us to take home and they are incredibly valuable to me as I have read them cover to cover.

Please tour the River Arts site and the new on line site with the tour and all the artists linked collectively. I will be joining the River Arts board and am really looking forward to it! Volunteer, show up, get involved and get yourself motivated and be inspired by someone or find it within yourself. It’s almost “show time” and I am so ready to play host and share my art. Thank-you to each of you in advance for your support.


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    Patricia, congratulations, you will be a very valuable member of the River Arts board!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Brad Oliphant

    • pvedesign
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      Yes, I am so excited about it and have every intention of making a positive impact on the River Arts and in turn supporting other artists and creating new connections. My time on the PTA will come to an end and it has been such a valuable experience for me.
      Wish you could come to the tour but I know in spirit you are with me.
      Thanks so much!

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    Sounds wonderful Patricia and I am sure everyone will love working along side you as you let your creative energy flow!

    • pvedesign
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      You need to come for a day and paint! Wishing you love dear!!!

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    Congrats and enjoy every minute. So wish I could visit you but with the crazy schedule over here, not a single minute to spare:( I will definitely visit online….and cannot wait to hear all about it. Enjoy this beautiful spring day!

    • pvedesign
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      You are with me in spirit and I am wishing that you were here to help me “primp and preen” in person, however – I know that you and our lively lunch group are with me in spirit and guiding me.
      Your support, your kindness provide inspiration.
      Just love that scented candle, which will be burning brightly in my studio on tour.

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    Hi Patrcia, I’m so excited for you. I know your studio will be a highlight of the tour and that you will inspire many. Love seeing Fiona’s books – can’t wait for the new one to arrive. I hope it’s a wonderful day and that it inspires and invigorates you, too!

    Thanks also for my write up on The Sketch. So happy to be there – although where I really wish I could be is in your lovely studio! XOXO

    • pvedesign
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      One thing for sure each and every year as I prepare for the tour, I am inspired and feel a renewal. It is incredible to watch how every artist evolves and how collectors come to build upon their love for an artist and the art that makes them feel special. I attended an event last night that spoke to the collector and it was incredibly insightful. We all collect and build upon our collections as children.
      So happy to have shared London, Fiona, food, paint and our passion for pursuing our lives artfully. We are so blessed and fortunate to meet one another. That’s so amazing to connect via our blogs.
      Looking forward to seeing you in NYC next month.

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    So wish I could be there! Much luck…knock em dead!!

    • pvedesign
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      You are indeed with me in spirit and I am so thankful for your kind support from afar!
      Each and every comment feels like a warm hug.

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